Nepotism In Family Businesses Good Or Bad?

Family Business, Family Firm, NepotismNepotism is defined by Wikipedia asĀ  favoritism granted to relatives or friends regardless of merit.

So what do you think?

Let me preface my answers by stating that I’ve worked in Family Businesses (not my family’s) AND Family Business dynamics was one of my Ph.D. research themes – so I have a lot of opinions on the subject, just not the ones you might think!

Let’s start the dialogue and I’ll voice my opinions in response to your points of view!

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1 Response to “Nepotism In Family Businesses Good Or Bad?”

  • It is the start of the downfall of the business. I have seen it that many times were the Father builds the business and makes success out of it then sends the kids to uni for degrees and then when he passes the young ones destroy it because they don’t know how to follow the hardships the Father experienced.

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