Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

ju06Contrary to popular belief, anyone can be an entrepreneur – you don’t need to necessarily be a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs “type”. You might just need to fine tune some of the traits that you might already possess as discussed in more detail below.

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Managing your own business can and will be hard, especially at the initial starup/launch stage. Even after that, you will encounter numerous obstacles. You have to be prepared for this! Some of the best entrepreneurs are not necessarily the ones that made the best creative decisions, but those that persevered through the tough times and made it to the “other side” Failure is not necessarily a negative, much can be learned from your mistakes. It’s the ability to keep going when the going is at its toughest that will make you successful.


Many entrepreneurs are not driven by money, but by their passion for the product or service they are providing. It’s difficult to be tenacious in an industry you are not fully vested in and this may lead to your downfall. Even if you think it’s hard to be successful in the industry you are passionate about, give it a go anyway. You might be surprised to see how far pure passion and drive can get you. There is nothing worse than being “stuck” in an industry, company or job you don’t like.


Confidence is a very important trait for all entrepreneurs to have, because you need to be one hundred and ten percent sure in both yourself and the product or service you’re selling. A completely new product will always have its naysayers and harsh critics. You need to have the confidence to make sure you don’t take their words to heart prove them wrong. You have to be confident enough to be willing to take (calculated) risks, but not too confident that you trip over yourself. This is a balance you will find over time as you “get your groove”.


The ability to adapt is very important from an entrepreneurial standpoint – the survival of your business might depend on it! Markets and industries are ever changing, and you will need to change what you’re doing as the context demands. Alternatively, your ideas might not be turning out the way you expect, so you might need to think about what you can do to turn this around. Most successful businesses (and models) were variations of the original idea. If the founder had stubbornly stuck to his or her idea, the company would have joined the majority of failed businesses.

These are just some personality traits that successful entrepreneurs should possess. There are, of course, many more. One of the most important attributes is to believe in yourself and what you are doing, and go from there. Good luck!

  • Are you an entrepreneur or know someone who is?
  • What do you think makes a successful business person?
  • Do you agree with the points made above, or do you disagree?
  • Is there anything else you would add to this list?

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  • I believe I would be considered an entrepreneur, although the product I feel I am selling is me. As an accountant my “product” is service. All above are good traits, but not a complete list.

    One of the traits that I do not see is “trustworthy”. I suppose you can do well in the short run, but with being able to instill trust, sincerity, etc, how do you keep clients (or customers).


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