Peter The Baker Is At It Again!

This is so obvious it’ll make you smile. It’s from Peter the Baker who will be getting his website up and running soon… This is exponentially valuable for anyone who deals with people who want ‘FREE samples’…


Every week people ring and ask me what type of products I produce and just
about all of them ask if they can have a free sample… so remembering
something that you did when you had your print shops, I came up with this…

“OK I will give you a free sample if you buy a cake from me. That way you get $25.00
return free from your outlay of one cake. That way we both win. I sell a
cake and they get a sample…

If they don’t agree I don’ bother giving away $25.00!

Sometimes it’s the SIMPLEST IDEAS that create the greatest value… There is beauty in the elegance of simplicity!

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  • That is so true.

    since joining the Business mastery Platinum Program, i have been learning to increase my business whille reducing the costs involved in running it. with jewellery, you can imagine just how large some of the costs are… so the exponential mindset the Dr Marc Dussault teaches and practices through the program have really helped me to start implementing simple ideas like this one, yet the simple ideas that i have implemented are the ones that have produced the greatest results!

    Sam Kritsotakis
    Eskae Jeweller

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