Business Coaching Tip: Pulling The Plug Is Never Easy

Every once in a while someone needs to get fired. It’s distasteful, but it’s necessary. If you are grappling with an under-performing employee, contractor or supplier, you need to fire them as soon as you’ve given them all the chances and opportunities to change.

Oprah said it best when she said “When someone shows you who they are…. Listen.”

Simply put, if you’ve had enough – MAKE THE DECISION and move on.

Pulling the plug is never easy, I know. I am not one to jump to conclusions, but EVERY TIME, with hindsight – you ALWAYS wish you had done it sooner.

Napoleon wisely said “95% of problems solve themselves. The other 5% need QUICK attention because they are costing you a fortune.”

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  • No truer words were ever spoken. Unfortunately, hindsight tends to be 20/20 on this issue. It can be especially difficult if you actually like an individual but their performance is at issue. It can be hard to remember sometimes that performance is THE issue when it comes to employees. Maybe some of those motivational posters have their place after all?

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