Qantas Message: Volcanic Ash

This is an example of a superbly written explanation. It’s direct, to the point and reinforces why Qantas remains the safest airline in the world.

I teach Killer Kopywriting to business people and will make sure they read this as a perfect case study example.

I wasn’t affected during this period, but I have to be honest – I would rather be safe than sorry. Even if the other carriers were flying without incident.

Hindsight is always 20-20. I like the fact that Qantas stood their ground and stuck to their principles.


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  • Hi Marc,

    I also received this letter and felt that it was very well written and clarified the situation extremely well. Safety must always come first, no matter what the consequences. As an Australian Food Safety Specialist we teach our clients the same principles. Prevention is always safer than the cure.

    From a customer perspective, it is a pity that Qantas have decided to make it very difficult to travel with them for business, now that they have a one suitcase rule and charge for each PIECE rather than a total weight. I recently returned from delivering HACCP Team training for our clients in Sydney and was charged for an extra suitcase as I separate my personals from my work materials, and even though I was 7kg under the 23kg weight ratio, they decided to still charge me $30 for the extra case, even though I am also a Qantas Club member. What were they thinking? I am sure I am not the only person who carries a small suitcase with work materials when I fly?

    Back to Virgin for me…

    Eat well. Eat safe!

    Gavin Buckett
    The Gourmet Guardian

  • Hi Marc
    Qantas has extended cancellations of New Zealand services after a volcanic ash cloud that has disrupted flights for three weeks continued to hover over the country.

    Wellington and Christchurch flights were suspended until noon, with Queenstown services grounded all day.

    When will the disasters ever end for New Zealand.
    I also agree, its better to be safe than sorry.

  • It’s a good letter and nobody is really going to argue with safety first, especially when it comes to a 747. The choice to take off is optional. But once in the air, the plane has to land.

    But once the dust has settled, what really matters to flyers? PRICE. And flyers are increasingly angry about ‘silly’ charges for bags, drinks, nuts, smiles from flight attendants, etc. I think companies that avoid ‘nickel and dime’ pricing earn tremendous goodwill. I’m not sure it’s measurable but it works for Southwest here in the U.S.

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