Road To Success – There are no shortcuts

I can’t vouch for the authenticity of this photo – but the message remains vividly clear – there are no shortcuts to success.

Road To Success - Truck

Yet we see it every day – people who buy into the “get rich quick” schemes promoted by the spruikers… If it’s too good to be true… It is.

That doesn’t mean success can’t be achieved more quickly – it just means KNOWING what works versus what DOESN’T… To avoid the silliest, costliest of mistakes – the avoidable ones!

If you want to learn how to succeed with less effort, contact us and we’ll show you the way – safely and efficiently!

Thank you to Gavin Buckett of the Gourmet Guardian for this priceless photo!


3 Responses to “Road To Success – There are no shortcuts”

  • I was very amused by this photo.

    But getting over the amusement, we do see the equivalent of this happen far too often when developing new products. If you work with the wrong company, you can end up in a situation just like the photo shows. Stuck and not sure how to go forward, or even unable to go forward at all. The result is a product that never gets to market.

    If you want your product to become a market success, you need to work with someone like us who routinely gets the technology working the way it should.

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  • Wow! Catastrophic image there!
    Reminds of some of the situations I am called to support people through – when an addiction spirals out of control and someone’s life is literally stuck under the bridge.

    It’s a turning point – and there is so much potential in thi acute phase – if only we grasp it and go forward.
    Inspired blog, a pleasure to read.

  • I don’t think I’d even like a shortcut to success, because for me, success is lifestyle. It means being in a certain way, doing what you love. The “having” part is just a result of the first two. So I don’t think success is a destination that needs shorter roads. Is a state of mind.

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