Sam wants to give you a $90 birthday gift

Sam Kritsotakis of Eskae Jewellers has done it again – created a simple exponential marketing strategy to boost his sales, better serve his customers and also increase his client list. I would guess he did all this in less than one hour…

The strategy is self-evident, but then again you have to ask yourself “Why doesn’t everyone do this?”

I am in the process of updating my files, and I noticed that I only have a few peoples’ birthdays and anniversary dates and so on. I would like to complete my records, so that I can help serve you better, if it is ok with you can you let me know:-

  • Your birthday
  • Your partner’s birthday
  • Your kid’s birthday(s)
  • Your wedding anniversary (if applicable)

Once this information is recorded, I will be able to send you birthday offers and anniversary goodies, so that you will feel like a king or queen every single time. If you are interested in receiving offers and goodies such as bottles of wine, dinner vouchers, free polishing and cleaning of jewellery and other gifts valued at up to $90 or moreā€¦

Send me the information above and you’ll start to receive these great offers and goodies automatically!

Thanks very much.


P.S. for those of you that reply to this email [Go to his website], I have a free gift that WILL make you laugh! All you have to do to receive the gift is let me know the details above and I will send it to you via email once I have recorded the information. Thanks

This is a great idea that can only really be improved with an online registration form, using Zoomerang, Aweber or other tool that we show our Internet Mastery Members how to use and where to get them…

Well done Sam!!!

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  • Hmmm….I would be suspicious if I received something like this. I would not be inclined to provide this information unless there were some sort of disclaimer included about how the information would/would not be used. Maybe that’s an idea he can incorporate into his approach?

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