Save 10 to 20% on your next direct mail marketing campaign

If you are doing a direct mail campaign any time soon, you’ll want to use these two strategies to REDUCE your costs by 10 to 20%.

First, when you LABEL the direct mail piece, add a line BELOW the person’s name that says OR: Deliver to the _________ Manager so that if the person no longer works there, the __________ Manager will get the direct mail piece and if he/she is interested, you’ve just found yourself a new prospect or client.

Second, when you do a mailing to say 2,000 people, you KNOW you will get Returns TO Sender (RTS). Count on them coming back and DON’T PRINT that quantity for your first run. For example, if you assume there will be a 10% RTS rate, only print 1,800 pieces. When the 200 come back, take them out of the original envelopes and re-send them in NEW envelopes to the BALANCE of your list!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a BIG difference!

The more antimimeticisomorphic you are about what you do, the better your results will be.

Onward and upward!

Yeah I know… You want an additional tip. I know you by now – always looking for that extra profit making edge to grow your business exponentially. I like that about you!

So here it is.

BEFORE you send your 20+ page direct mail piece (you know by now LONG COPY sells), send a postcard. The cost is a LOT less and you’ll be able to remove MOST of the RTS names from your list.

Voila! You’ve just saved another 10% OR MORE!

I don’t have to tell you that just because the person’s address is no longer ‘valid’, you don’t erase that person’s name from your database… Great! I didn’t think so!

Have an outstanding day and oh yeah, if you submit a really cool comment on this or my Internet Mastery Blog, I might just have a gift or bonus for you.

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