Secrets To A Good Shop Display


When you finally make the decision to open

Your first commercial store it can be a great thing. Being able to sell your items on a new platform to a whole new audience is a privilege and it can make a huge impact on the success of your brand.

Of course, it is important for you to make sure that your store stands out from the crowd and this is why you need to think about the display you create to entice customers to the store. Today we are looking at some handy ways to make your shop stand out.

Use unique items

As well as your standard store display fixtures, it is always a good idea to use something which is a little more unique to you and which helps bring across that element of personality you always want. For example if you were to think about displaying plants, you could use hanging baskets from the ceiling instead of placing them on racks. Using creative displays will draw more attention to you and people will love it.

Use seasonal themes

During the year the design tone your store takes on will be wildly different from before. During the year it is important for you to use the seasons and create an atmosphere which fits the right time of year and mood of the customer. For example if you were selling in summer you might open up the front of the store and bring in some

Plants and breezy elements to the space. In winter you might light candles and have fairy lights.

Use mirrors

Mirrors will soon become your best friend when you start to run a store, because they create the illusion of space as well as reflecting light around their surroundings. Light and space are two things which customers love and this will help them to feel more comfortable in your store and therefore stay for longer to browse your selection.

Be unique

Think outside the box. Not every display has to be product focused and in fact, a display which is something different will attract more attention and will draw people into your store. For example Lego have a habit of placing sculptures of characters such as Harry Potter and Gandalf in front of their stores and although it does show of the Lego bricks, it is more about the spectacle. See what you can do to make a fun spectacle this year and have fun with it all.

Keep it simple

A good display for your product isn’t too busy and it won’t distract away too much from the product and the purpose it serves. A good example of great product displays would be homeware, where a company will create a model of a real home and place their products inside to show what they would look like in a real space. It’s a simple idea but it is effective and it will help you sell your products effectively and to the right people.

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