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Road To Success – There are no shortcuts

I can’t vouch for the authenticity of this photo – but the message remains vividly clear – there are no shortcuts to success. Yet we see it every day – people who buy into the “get rich quick” schemes promoted by the spruikers… If it’s too good to be true… It is. That doesn’t mean […]

What business are you in?

Sometimes I wonder if some entrepreneurs know what business they’re in… This image made me laugh because it reminded me of so many business owners who don’t know who their clients are and what they should be doing for them. I know it seems like an obvious question, but trust me, it’s not.

Business Coaching Checklist

If you’re not sure business coaching will work for you, the following checklist will provide you with a guide to what is involved in using business coaching as a way of helping you develop a greater understanding of business processes and practices, equip you with the skills to improve your potential and performance so you […]