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How To Sell More To Your Existing Clients And Have Them Thank You!

I just had to share this one example of an Exponential Marketing Strategy that comes from the heart. The New Year is often when most people want to lose weight, get fit and healthy…

Paulo Frietag and Annie Guillet are personal friends of mine – they have produced this amazing book called the Alkaline CookBook that reduces the acid your body creates so you can feel better and in my case play better squash with MORE endurance and RECOVER MORE QUICKLY…

But that’s not the point for today…

I got the PHYSICAL HARD COVER VERSION in the post… It was nicely packaged with a branded sticker, but look at how it was wrapped… WOW!!!

The Alkaline CookBook

The Alkaline CookBook

This is the hard cover version of the bestselling ebook… Look at the mouth-watering photos… Doesn’t it make you want to go and cook something healthy?!?!

Mouth Watering Meals That Taste Great And Are Healthy!

Mouth Watering Meals That Taste Great And Are Healthy!

So what’s today’s business-building distinction/idea?

When you do send your clients products – send them with this kind of packaging and see what happens. Monica and I felt like it was Christmas all over again. The fact that there was a personal note attached made it ever more special…

Don’t rob yourself of making the buying experience enjoyable, memorable and special – your clients want you to do it and WILL REWARD you for it by telling others about you and your product, like I have just done.

Go on and check out the Alkaline CookBook for more than 80 mouth-watering recipes that are each accompanied with beautiful and tantalising photos!