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My encounter with a (non) super model

I recently had an encounter on the sidewalk with a young lady who, as we chatted, revealed she was on her way to a modelling audition.

I knew she was a model – not because of the way she looked, but because she was lost. I offered to help with a suggestion with the direction I thought she should take to get to her appointment. I wasn’t familiar with that area and I didn’t know the street she was looking for and I didn’t have a directory on hand.

On my way to my appointment, she caught up to me and what do I notice under her arm? A street directory that I had not seen previously…

She hadn’t told me she had one, so when I saw it, I asked if I could use it and we found her street…

I really hope she gets the modelling gig because she really, really needs to make money with her beauty ’cause there ain’t much brains to work with!

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I know this is one of those extreme situations, but I see it often in business. People have all the gadgets and tools, but simply don’t know how to use them. Contact us if you want to make the most of the tools and resources you currently have available to you so that you can start to grow your business more effectively.


AntiMimeticIsoMorphism Example: Think Inside the box!

Ian Faulkner sent me this YouTube link – everyone says to think outside the box, but when you’re antimimeticisomorphic, you want to consider thinking INSIDE the box! This video is self-evident, but the lesson for YOU might not be. What can you do to turn the proverbial box inside-out? What can you do to attract attention to your product/service? What is your ‘box’?!?!

I call this Twisting The Kube™ and it’s one of the Exponential Mindset strategies that I teach my clients.

It’s easier said than done. I get that.

If if was ‘easy’ everyone would do it.

But here’s the thing – it can be learned.

The fastest, easiest way is to get your hands on my Marc-Ka-Ching Kube™. Within the first few days of Twisting The Kube™, you’ll start to recognise that your thinking is shifting – faster and more easily than you thought possible.

But I have to be honest with you… Continue reading ‘AntiMimeticIsoMorphism Example: Think Inside the box!’