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How to leverage testimonials and case studies in a retail shop

This is a BRILLIANT example of a retail shop that knows the value of testimonials and “case studies”… It is so good, it’s self-explanatory!

Retail Sign Humour

A good sense of humour never hurts, unless of course if you’re INsignificant! Exponential Marketing Strategies include the use of humour as long as it is tasteful, relevant and ADDS to the customer experience as this one plain does with a tongue-in-cheek approach. Think of ways you can re-phrase want you do using puns and […]

Double sales in one day?

I can’t do this one justice – you have to read this e-mail for yourself… _________________________________________________________________ SUBJECT: I DON’T BLOODY BELIEVE IT “BUT” Hi Marc, Thought I had better tell you this because I don’t believe it happened… On Sunday I was listening to your Tele Conference Call that you sent me and being the […]