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5 Ways to Keep Customers in Your Store for Longer

Aside from locking customers in your store (it’s called ‘kidnapping’!), there are numerous retail psychology techniques  you can use to keep your customers browsing and (hopefully) purchasing, for longer. A glorious new refit courtesy of a respected company such as TU Projects will definitely help but so can the following tips. Read on to hold on to your customers for longer.


Controversy aside, a recent article in The Journal of Retailing (“Are Men Seduced by Red?”) highlighted a study which showed that women are far more likely than males to process retail information. Essentially (according to the study) females are less likely to be ‘tricked’ by the common use of red to denote a sale or marked down price in a retail setting. Your business may benefit from identifying which gender is more likely to frequent your store and tailoring your marketing accordingly.


Another study in the same Journal identified that salespeople who are able to ‘read’ the mood of potential customers assisted with customer retention – and the study advises that not all customers want a super happy, smiling salesperson either! If your sales clerks are able to correctly identify a customer’s mood and then act accordingly, there’s a greater chance of the customer staying in the store longer and making a purchase. Employing salespeople with strong emotional intelligence is highly recommended.

Store layout

There’s a reason why the milk is always at the back of the supermarket – it forces customers to pass through numerous aisles, thereby increasing the possibility of impulse purchases. It is, perhaps, a dirty trick but ‘all’s fair in retail’ as the saying goes. Other strategies include aisle order, line-of-sight and point of sale displays which also influence consumer decisions. Don’t make your store’s layout too confusing though, as this may put potential customers off.


The use of colour and its influence on consumers has been well documented. Red and yellow allegedly make you hungry while purple is supposed to encourage spending. If your business specialises in romantic or feminine products then pink will be your main choice of colour. Black is often used to symbolise luxury while blue suggests reliability and security. Spend some time researching the use of colour in the retail environment and reflect on your area of business – perhaps you need to redecorate accordingly?

Emotional Blackmail

Shopping Fitouts at Shopping CentresWell, emotional tracking actually. More and more businesses are utilising ‘emotional tracking’ to identify consumers’ emotions from facial recognition data. In essence, a computer program is used to assess the faces (and corresponding emotional state) of customers. This data is then converted into actionable information for the retailer. If you have a display and your customers are expressing confusion or frustration, the software will advise that something needs to be done with the display to convert the negative emotions into positive ones, thus keeping customers in store for longer.

Kidnapping aside, how do you keep customers in store for longer? Leave your tips below!

Retail Risk Reversal

Sometimes people think that retail businesses have limitations when it comes to Exponential Marketing Strategies. They do and they don’t. It’s just a matter of how you Twist The Kube! Andrew Powell of Montreal Canada knows this only too well and sent this link to a Canadian retailer who has taken the Exponential Marketing Strategy of risk reversal to an extreme… Check out this short article that proves that an Exponential Mindset still wins the game!

Retail Risk Reversal

Click on this link -> Retailer reverses risk to below zero!

Price Tag:The 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine Applied

This one speaks for itself – it’s the price tag on a digital movie camera I purchased from Georges Photo on George Street in Sydney. I had a question about a function on my camera and couldn’t find their website (-1%) or phone number in the online WHITE PAGES (-1%), but for some reason I went back to the camera box and found this (+1%). It speaks for itself – TOTALLY BRILLIANT!

By the way – they are super knowledgeable about cameras – they really know their stuff!

1 Percent Improvement Doctrine Applied

1 Percent Improvement Doctrine Applied


In a recent article, the retailer Marks and Spencer admitted boobing on the price of bras. Apparelently they charged more for larger sized bras…

Marks And Spencer Admits Marketing Mistake

Marks And Spencer Admits Marketing Mistake

I can only imagine how this larger-than-life group must have felt. Continue reading ‘Boobed!’

Peter The Baker Is At It Again!

This is so obvious it’ll make you smile. It’s from Peter the Baker who will be getting his website up and running soon… This is exponentially valuable for anyone who deals with people who want ‘FREE samples’…


Every week people ring and ask me what type of products I produce and just
about all of them ask if they can have a free sample… so remembering
something that you did when you had your print shops, I came up with this…

“OK I will give you a free sample if you buy a cake from me. That way you get $25.00
return free from your outlay of one cake. That way we both win. I sell a
cake and they get a sample…

If they don’t agree I don’ bother giving away $25.00!

Sometimes it’s the SIMPLEST IDEAS that create the greatest value… There is beauty in the elegance of simplicity!