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Let your RAS do the heavy lifting for you

First of all, your RAS is your Reticular Activation System. The way I train my most elite clients – Platinum Members, is with my Daily Distinctions that are part of my Advanced Business Coaching System that include a DAILY e-mail, every day of the year – WITH NO DAYS OFF.

The e-mails are designed for you to CHERRY PICK THE BEST and stick to 1% improvement every day – JUST THINKING about them is enough…

The Reticular Activation System does the rest – for example, I watch squash videos EVERY NIGHT before I compete to direct my RAS for the next day’s match.

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Recession Trends

In a recent article in The Australian Financial Review, Hannah Tattersall highlighted that the casual Friday trend of showing up at work in jeans and a polo short has become another one of the casualties of the recession. Let me tell you why articles like this one is important for you to know as an Exponential Marketing Aficionado…

How To Get 20/20 Foresight

Everyone knows that hindsight is 20/20. But what if you could look INTO THE FUTURE and have 20/20 foresight?!?!

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