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Case Study: Great Customer Service

As you know, great customer service is rare which is why you want to reward it each and every time you come across it via a referral or testimonial. Today’s post is one such case study – Magnetite, a company dedicated to sound proofing homes and offices. We’ve been living in Sydney’s CBD for over 10 years, in a sub-penthouse unit with a clear and unobstructed view of Sydney Harbour clear to the heads with a spectacular city view. The last thing we want is to have to move because of ambient city noise.

A few years ago, several buildings around us have created ‘echo chambers’ that focus and concentrate ambient city noise thus amplifying it substantially – to the point of disturbing our sleep at night. We searched high and wide for someone to solve the problem, seeking out sound specialists, consulting a specialist architect… To no avail.

That’s when Adrian Lafleur of Magnetite came into the picture. We were armed with acoustic readings of the noise we were experiencing – we had a noise expert leave a meter overnight to capture the different sounds and frequencies. Noise is all about two things – decibels or volume and frequency – high (dolphin squeak) versus low (whale sounds).

The solution was a double glazed enclosure that was colour-matched to the existing window frame which was installed in one day with no mess and no damage to our unit. This is important because every other tradie that’s come into our unit has left an unwanted mark/reminder.

The reason this is a great customer service case study is because: Continue reading ‘Case Study: Great Customer Service’