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Strategy Versus Tactics

We have all heard the expression “you need to work ON your business instead of IN it…” Easier said than done. In fact, for most owner operators, it’s a transition they can never make. The reason is simple: The personality traits that got them to go INTO business are exactly the ones that will keep […]

What will your legacy be?

Regardless of what you thought of Michael Jackson’s ‘lifestyle’ and peculiarities, his passing leaves us all with the awe of his talent, expression and  ability to entertain across boundaries of colour, race and generations. That brings up the question – what will your legacy be? What are you creating that will be left behind when […]

Exponential Branding Exercise 101

Today’s exercise is a fun exercise to come up with new product, brand and company names. One of our Platinum Members, Gavin Buckett of AGB Solutions needs a new name (don’t you agree?)… He is in the process of starting the process. He’s come up with the following list of words… Clean: Sanitise Hygienic Hygiene […]

How a photographer converts garage junk into $100,000

Today’s post is the third of a series of three conversations I had with Max Ucherek, photographer extraordinaire. It reveals how he can take boxes that have cluttered his garage for the past 20 years and turn them into $100,000. It’s a mind-blowing example of the Exponential Mindset in action. Click here to access the […]

Master archer explains how a sniper taught him how to shoot people WHEN they smile

Intrigued? I thought that headline would captivate your attention. Max Ucherek and I had breakfast on Sunday morning and our quick chat extended into a 3-part discussion that I thought you’d want to listen to. If you are in a highly competitive industry that has undergone dramatic change in the past 5 to 10 years, […]