T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Friday!)

It’s Friday… Yip, Yip, Yipee!

The weekend is only hours away…

Aren’t you glad the week is FINALLY over?!?!?

If this is what you are thinking at the end of the week, I can tell you without a doubt you’re in the wrong business, career, job or industry.

Every super successful and ultra wealthy individual readily and wholeheartedly admits they LOVE what they do. Even though they could retire, THEY DON’T.

They don’t because it’s what drives, motivates, fulfills and engulfs them with passion, energy and inspiration.

Think Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Rupert Murdoch… All iconic success stories who ‘work’ as much as they ever did and LOVING IT!

I am not being naive with rose colored glasses that everything is fun, enjoyable or rewarding. What I am saying is that at least 80% of what you do or the time you spend must be what is called being ‘on purpose’.

Doing what it is you set out to do, accomplish and/or achieve.

For example, when I retired from the rat race in 2005, I set out to “CONTINUE living my dream and empowering others to do the same.” That is my purpose. I haven’t woken up a single day thinking I have to go to work.

Not a single day.

In my mind, I get to play with people every day – the VERY BEST people who are the most committed, passionate, driven, smart, honest, hard working, funny, loyal and successful. People who are happy with their lives, but just want more…

More money, more fulfillment, more balance, more rewarding experiences while DOING less, ‘working less’ (at least on those tasks they don’t enjoy as much).

So where do you stand on the T.G.I.F. Continuum?

If you look forward to Friday with significant enthusiasm, you know how much of a problem you have.

You’re in a critical state if you think about it on SUNDAY thinking “Oh no, I have to go into ‘work’ tomorrow.”

You’re in a sorry state if that happens on MONDAY.

You should re-consider what you’re doing if TUESDAY is the day it pops into your mind.

You’re pretty much ‘normal’ if you think about it on WEDNESDAY. In North America, this is called ‘Hump Day’ which means you’re halfway to Friday…

You’re doing well if you only think about the END of the week on Thursday, trying to get ‘it all done’ before the weekend.

You’re really, really good if today (Friday) is the ONLY day you think “T.G.I.F.”

Honestly, where do you sit? On average, when (if at all) you have these thoughts?

Onward and upward!

The more honest you are with yourself, the more powerful this exercise will be for you. My suggestion is that STARTING next week, the FIRST time you think of Friday and/or the weekend in a negative light (you know when you do this) TAKE NOTE of WHY, WHEN and HOW it occurred.

There are PATTERNS that trigger this in you and to fall in love with what you do all over again, all you need to do is remove the CAUSE of the triggers.

For example, it might be after spending 3 or 4 hours on paperwork that could be done by someone else – If all you did was sub-contract that out to someone, your level of satisfaction and enjoyment will increase. If it’s being stuck in traffic, DON’T travel at peak hour – leave an hour earlier in the morning and come back an hour earlier at night OR an hour LATER every night and STOP working on weekends!!! (Yes WORK MORE TO WORK LESS!) I once told this to a friend who was having marital challenges (to be nice about it). He tried it for 2 weeks. He left an hour earlier for the office and came home one hour later every night. His wife NEVER even noticed! BUT she did notice that he was no longer working on Saturday and Sunday. She was THRILLED with the FIRST result – having her husband back to spend QUALITY time with the kids, able to plan camping trips, excursions to the zoo and other fun stuff. What she didn’t realise nor did my

MOST people, (You’re not ‘most’ people are you?) try to change EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE.

That’s not exponential.

By doing what I just suggested, within a few weeks, if you are honest with yourself, your mood and outlook will lift as if by magic…

We teach this in our Platinum Programs. The concept is what I call Voluntary Simplexity. Today’s post is just one of the strategies you can use to get more balance and equilibrium in your career and life.

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