Thank You Goes A Long Way

Exponential Marketing Strategies are so simple that often people discount them as not effective, influential or otherwise important to consider. “Mistake, BIG mistake” – Remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Wowan? Here is Belinda Cohen from Inspired Reality’s version of this principle.

How To Grow Your Business Exponentially

“I am forever preaching to my clients and those who I present to, the importance of continual marketing.  What I mean by this is continuing to demonstrate that you care for and value your clients after the sale has been done and the money received.  Interestingly enough, I recently had this reinforced in a very positive way in my own business.

Earlier in the year, I was contacted by a former workmate to see if I was interested in doing some consulting work for his company.  After the usual meetings the job was confirmed and I undertook approximately two weeks of work for his team to support them in a project that had deliverables at Board level.  The job was straightforward, I completed the work and was paid.

A couple of weeks after completing the job, I wrote an email to my former workmate thanking him for thinking of me and telling him how much I had enjoyed the work and assisting his team.  For me this was simply part of the process of completing the job and coming full circle.

What a wonderful surprise I got when he wrote back not only with positive feedback about the work I had done, but then asking what capacity I had to assist further as they had ‘plenty more’ of that type of work – so much so he enquired as to whether I would be interested in coming on board as a part-time employee!  Whilst the permanent role was not for me, we negotiated an outcome that worked well for both of us and I am now going to assist as a contractor 2 days a week until the work is completed.

They are a great client so I am already enjoying work with them, but more importantly it simply reinforced for me the power of ‘thank you’ in the context of marketing and positive client relationships.”

I know this seems simplistic and self-evident, but y’know what?

Most people don’t do it.

First, they have NO SYSTEMS to make this automatic. They don’t include them in what I call their Pathways To Profits™. Second, it’s rarely done AUTHENTICALLY.

When it is done with sincerity and genuine goodwill, the results are well… Exponential.

By that I mean someone’s business can double or triple in 12 to 24 months ‘easy’. The reason is that EXISTING CLIENTS are easier and LESS EXPENSIVE to sell to than as yet unknown prospects.

Yeah I know. You’ll get around to doing it. I hear that all the time.

If you want to really step up, consider one of our Business Mastery Momentum Memberships that will get you MOTIVATED to ACT and FOLLOW THROUGH on ideas, principles and strategies like this.

Imagine following through on a strategy like this every week… Imagine every day – what would that do to your sales?

Check out this short YouTube video to find out what Exponential REALLY means!

3 Responses to “Thank You Goes A Long Way”

  • Hi Marc,

    This is so topical. So I’m taking the chance here to thank you for the invaluable contribution you have made to our future.

    This might be Business Mastery, but in our minds you are a Business Grand Master.

    I was a bit sceptical when I first looked into joining the program. Actually I was a lot sceptical. But you really are at the forefront of what it takes to be successful both in Business and on the Internet. And you really want me to succeed. It shows in everything you do.

    And you are successful yourself. That is so important. This is not theory. This is real, practical, proven, exponential, current, usable and doable. You live it yourself and we can see it in action.

    I can’t recommend the Business Mastery or Internet Mastery programs too highly. They are beyond gold. As the undisputed Exponential Business Growth Strategist you have been able to show me more about how to be successful in business in less than a year that I learnt in all the rest of my business career combined.

    I know that sounds hyped up, but I wouldn’t retract a word.


    Ray Keefe

  • Thanks mate, that means a lot to me.

  • Thanks Marc,

    What a great reminder. It’s so simple but so important and something we sometimes forget when we get caught up in growing our business. Afterall, my business is not going to grow if I lose my long-term members as fast as I gain new members! That’s why I’ve worked hard in the last couple of months to actively acknowledge and reward the loyalty of my long-term members; because I want them to become even longer-term members! Thanks for all your help.


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