The evolution of advertising

Today’s blog post is a colourful overview of the history of advertising that captures the evolution of sales and marketing over the past decades. It’s always worthwhile to see where we’ve come from to determine where we’re going. Even though it has an American slant to it, it’s still interesting to review the milestones retrospectively.


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3 Responses to “The evolution of advertising”

  • Excellent Infographic !

    Here’s a link of a CBC radio show (available as podcast)

    It used to be called The Age of Persuasion.

    The show was recently renamed to Under the Influence. Host is Terry O’Reilly.

    Enjoy !

    Andrew Powell

  • Dude thanks for the history and it shows a few trends, acceleration, technology building on itself and the increasing internet and digitisation. I guess next we will find google adword spending decline, more interactive social media methods, and increasing specialisation of video, TV, movie and internet blending. Already we have smart houses tapped in so instead of just desktop, laptop and mobile phone, everything will be digitised. We now have a tattoo that is a computer circuit, with nanotech I we will see the digital man – a breaking of personal space that will shock some and be embraced by others.

  • Its incredible to think of all the technological advances we have made – just to sell someone something.

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