Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2013

Top 10 Blog Posts 20132013 has been quite a year. Below is a list of the top 10 blog posts of the year. Enjoy a quick review and use the tips and techniques to make 2014 your best year ever!

  1. Willpower is like a battery – How to stick to your goals like New Year’s Resolutions.
  2. Hyperbolic Discounting – How to remain committed to long-term goals to achieve the success that might have been eluding you.
  3. Why Smart Business People Fail – Success is not the inverse of failure. In other words, not failing does not make you successful…
  4. From Motivation To Momentum – A must read if you slip and sabotage your goals and dreams (knowingly or unknowingly).
  5. Google Search Tips – These tips are priceless to get the most from Google, otherwise you’ll never quite get what you’re looking for.
  6. The Epic Split – This is simply AMAZING. The power of human focus and concentration combined with incredible athleticism.
  7. Good And Bad Habits Of Smart People – Success is not about how smart you are, but much more dependent on WHAT you do with what you know and HOW you do (or don’t do) certain things…
  8. Bobby McFerrin – Amazing Presentation – Every once in a while someone creates a magical moment. This is one such moment. Enjoy!
  9. Positive Twist On Negative Thinking – Attention small business owners… Don’t hire this type of person!
  10. The Power Of Why – The better the questions you ask yourself, the better the answers you’ll come up with.

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  • Many tanks to you Marc it is great to have the opportunity to reflect and leverage from these top tips, when at the end of the year so many are reflecting on the best of 2013 and when so many are setting goals and expectations for the new year.

    My suggestion is to those that turn up to one of Marc’s blogs, is that there can be something gained for oneself if you not only turn up to read but with the intention to find somehting useful to take action on and to be ready that you might discover what that is straight away. Dont just turn up with the expectation to learn passively a few tips that resonate with you. Be ready to imagine how you will apply it in your life and to help others. For example you could think of who to send a link to that which you appreciated. You could adopt what works for you. So much is learnt by engaging and testing. Plan to engage with others using this stuff. Expect to come up with a worthwhile reply, as you may find you build your thinking out on the blog better and distill your thoughts more clearly and consolidate your thinking to make better use of it than just using the internet as a passive observer like TV. Expect of yourself to have something useful to give and hold the intention to connect and engage. We must learn both when to listen more deeply, quietly and when to engage and learn through engagement. Those of you who are blabber mouths with intellectual chatter, try listening and being there with heart to see, feel and hear more from others without an urgency to form your next words. For those of you who are quiet, we so appreciate it it when you talk because you listen so deeply the rest of us appreciate it when you finally let yourself to have something to say. Have a great 2014 everyone, know what you want and align and engage with others to make it happen.

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