What watching Grey’s Anatomy taught me about growing a business

Some people say that TV rots your brain and can’t teach you anything. I like to take a more exponential approach. TV is great way to unwind (if you’re like me and lucky enough to have the time 😉 and you can occasionally learn something from the boob tube and not just from documentaries.

Last week I was watching one of my favorite shows, Grey’s Anatomy (I actually bought the first six seasons on DVD to avoid all the annoying commercials!) and I realised that doctors are really on to something. I mean both real doctors and TV docs like the ones on Grey’s, but more on that later.

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Grey's Anatomy and MasterMind Groups

Real medical doctors, are responsible for our health, our lives and the wellbeing of our loved ones.

If you’ve ever been in a hospital and watched real doctors or watched them on TV, you know doctors work in groups composed of both experienced doctors and interns. These groups are, in essence, MasterMind Groups, putting their minds together to create a third mind that saves lives.

Medical MasterMind groups move through the hospital making rounds. Interns check on the patients and report back to the resident doctor. They all work together, as a team to monitor, manage and solve the patients’ health issues.

You are the doctor, your business is the patient and the interns are your MasterMind Group members.

On to TV doctors, they have something to teach us too or least the actors that play them do. TV actors are able to cram an immense amount of preparation into a relatively short span of time.

Before the actors even step in front of the camera they read throughout the script 3 or 4 times, memorizing their lines. These actors are hard-wired to perform at their best. TV actors know that Perfect Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

As you can see in the photo below, the environment is casual, but serious. You can see toys on the table to ensure the atmosphere remains playful and fun.

Business Coach, Business Coaching, Business Mentor, Business Mentoring

Television Show Or Movie Production As A MasterMind Group

That’s what I want to do for you, I want to help you out-perform your peers and competitors.

Movie actors have more time to prepare, but they also take a bigger part in the production process. Some of the best movies ever made were collaborations of Hollywood’s best and brightest. Some of the world’s worst movies came from people who refused or ignored others’ insights and suggestions. One of the systems they use is a color-coded system to ensure that everyone is reading from the correct version of the script. Hundreds of revisions are made on movie scripts whereas dozens would be made for a TV drama.

Before you attempt to go forward on a project without the contribution of a Mastermind Group, you might want to sit through some of Hollywood’s biggest flops (if you can stomach them) to see the true impact of failure when lack of input is at its best/worst.

Doctors and filmmakers aren’t the only ones who use Mastermind Groups. Take architects, for example. Professional builders often create several models and designs before they decide on the final construction plans. Often, the final choice is a blend of those initial designs to create the most aesthetically pleasing and functional buildings.

Another profession that relies on systemised processes are pilots. Like medical doctors, they are responsible for peoples’ lives for the short time they are passengers on their plane. Before a pilot takes off, he/she runs through a formal checklist to ensure that every detail is accounted for before takeoff. That list, by the way, is a product of a Mastermind Group of pilots. It is constantly being updated and improved to ensure safety.

When I help a business entrepreneur, I always use checklists, just like a pilot. I created a Business Building Blueprint™ that serves as my strategic plan. In that document, I track Pathways To Profits™ using Management By Metrics™. I leave nothing to change because the company’s life depends on it. Employees and clients depend on it.

If you’re serious about business, you want to make sure you leverage MasterMind Groups after all, medical doctors, mega movie stars and TV actors, pilots and architects can’t all be wrong!

The most powerful MasterMind Group For Business Entrepreneurs and Executives is our Platinum Program. It’s so good, we actually guarantee results!

2 Responses to “What watching Grey’s Anatomy taught me about growing a business”

  • House has an excellent Master Mind Group even though it is only a TV program, he brings the best out of the Doctors. I his strategy…

    Funny too…

  • I agree with Peter. HOUSE is an excellent example of a mastermind group. In one episode he even was prepared to keep on someone who wasn’t of the same intellectual calibre because they helped get him to a solution to the problem and no-one else did. It wasn’t about raw intellect but the group process.

    I have worked on some excellent product development teams that functioned as a master mind group. This is especially true of software development where there are so many technically feasible ways to solve the same problem, that the choice of method and tools is often made on other grounds.

    One thing I have always found useful is to have a representative from production on every hardware development team. This shortcuts rework, saves a huge amount in time and also makes it more likely you will be able to hit the production cost target.

    The cost of adjusting a drawing or design document near the end of a project is 100 times what it is at the start. If nothing else, it all has to be at least partially retested.

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