Who doesn’t want to save 10 to 25% on fuel?

Sounds obvious, but guess what? There’s an Australian supplier who can deliver that and yet he’s ‘struggling’ to get new clients… Sound familiar?

It doesn’t matter what you have to offer – if no one knows about it – no one will buy.

Even if its a total ‘no brainer’…

Imagine saving 10% to 25% on your fuel for a one-time $600 investment PLUS reduce pollution by up to 70% – wouldn’t you buy that in a heart beat?

What about taxi drivers and hire cars? Can you imagine how quickly they would get a payback?!?!

So what’s the point – UNLESS I tell you where you can buy this product, you can’t even consider buying it.

That’s the point.

Bill’s frustrated because he’s got the solution that everyone needs but not enough people are buying – BECAUSE they don’t know he exists

They also don’t know how quickly they can get their payback – if you KNEW you’d make your money back in 3,000 or 5,000 Kms or 8, 12 or 16 weeks you’d do it right now wouldn’t you?

Especially when you know the price of petrol is only going to go back up!

That’s the lesson for today – (1) People need to know you exist, (2) they need to know WHY they should BUY from you and (3) understand the BENEFITS which in this case is Return On Investment (ROI).

The better you articulate that, the more people will BUY from you.

Onward and upward!


I bet you’re interested to know where you can buy this fuel catalyst… Am I right?

Contact Bill Sheather at www.fitchcatalyst.com.au.

This is NOT a FUEL ADDITIVE, but a catalyst that is installed in your car so you pay only ONCE – additives are an additional on-going cost…

That is part of what you need to articulate as a BENEFIT so people WANT to make the one-time payment for on-going fuel savings…

If you are sitting there with even a small DESIRE TO BUY THIS – you’ve proven the point I want to make. It really doesn’t take much to start MOVING people in the direction you want.

The sooner people buy, the sooner they save money.

If you told people that on average, every day they wait costs then $76 cents or every week costs them $3.48 cents, that puts it in perspective. That’s a free coffee every week or every second day – depending on mileage…

Then there is the whole ‘GREEN’ approach, but that confuses the issue – costs savings are NOT synonymous with saving the planet. Make sure you have only ONE primary message so people are triggered to buy to satisfy that NEED.

Too many people try to give ALL the benefits and therefore confuse the issue and that delays or prevents the sale from happening…

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