Why Accountants Kill Business Growth

Everyone’s heard of the the word Apprehensive. It’s an adjective often associated with accountants…*

Accountant, Doubtful, Timid, Scared

But the word prehensive is not so well known – the opposite of what accountants are…

So if you ever wondered why there is often a conflict between entrepreneurs and their accounts – look no further than the dictionary!

Decisive, Entrepreneur, Determined

Now you might thinks this is superfluous, but it’s not. We are all molded, trained and formed into a pre-defined ‘model’ by our education, training and experiences. To think otherwise is childishly immature.

However, as adults, we do have the power to determine our own destinies, but we can only exercise it by knowing where we ARE if we want to get to where we want to BE.

That’s a discussion well beyond today’s blog post, but I thought I would at the very least trigger the thought and enlighten you with a slightly expanded vocabulary!

* There are great accountants out there who are pro business growth and are not apprehensive about creating momentum. They are a minority, so you have to seek them out carefully. Of course be aware that if they don’t counter-balance your desire for ‘unlimited’ growth, you’ll need to get that balance elsewhere…!

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  • I don’t think there is a personality different between company owners and accountants, rather the accountants are apprehensive because it is not their money. Whereas owners can be prehensive because they are only accountable to themselves and cannot lose their job if they lose some money. I think that’s the issue at the heart of the apprehensive/prehensive divide.

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