Why More Women Are Becoming Interested In The Science Of Business

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STEM subjects have been very much a male dominated sphere. However with the emergence of science and business becoming interlinked with James Dyson and other inventors making money from their scientific knowledge, more individuals are heading to college to study physics rather than business management. Combining the two can be a worthwhile strategy if you are eager to make money using your natural aptitudes. Only in recent years have more women decided to enter the science, technology, engineering and maths based fields of study to then go on and set up their own STEM based businesses. Why is this?

Role Models

If we look back twenty years ago, the cutting edge of science was seen as a geeky, spectacle wearing fifty something gray haired male dominated environment. The geek chic concept hadn’t yet emerged, and those young girls growing up with a penchant for science chose to squash their natural talents in favor of more arts based careers. There were no female role models. Nowadays, governments are seeing the potential of science and are recognizing the untapped talents of a whole gender yet to be discovered. The female role models are now emerging. Joy Crisp is an exceptional astrophysicist, Silvia Macia is a world renowned marine biologist, and Kay Tye is a neuroscientist. These women are empowering younger girls to take the plunge and give the male dominated world of science and technology a go.

Work Experience Programs

Young girls are being encouraged to shadow other women (and men) in real life work situations. If a sixteen year old high schooler is showing a natural talent for physics, a school can now apply for her to go into the workplace. She may get a chance to measure the thin-film temperature of a thermal processor in a manufacturing plant. She might get to measure a comet’s distance from Earth. Or she may carry out some research into the development of MS in young patients. This hands-on approach can engage and motivate girls to make science their career.

Business Acumen

As with any millennial, young women are keen to make a name for themselves in the world. This often means going entrepreneurial and setting up their own businessees. With the acumen of role models, women are choosing to head into the world of work, before utilizing the experience they have learned to set up their own science and technology based businesses. These women can then become the future role models of girls in schools, showing them how successful they can be in a male dominated sphere. This is momentum that needs to be followed through, so the young female scientists of tomorrow can be discovered.

Women were once stereotypically pigeonholed into roles more suited to their gender. Housewife, mother and cook are no longer the roles of women in the twenty first century. There are so many more opportunities for girls. Men and women are seen as more equal (although there is still a way to go) and people are free to follow their passions and talents irrespective of their gender.

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