The amazing success story of a struggling entrepreneur who discovered Exponential Growth Strategies to double his business in 10 months, employ full-time staff and now enjoys the luxury of picking and choosing his clients.

Gavin Buckett, a former Apprentice Chef Of The Year, knew exactly what was required to prepare great tasting meals – great hygiene and food safety. When Gavin decided to turn his passion for food safety into a business, he struggled to find the right mix of ingredients required to experience the sweet taste of success.

Days of trial and error led to frustration. Gavin had no clue about which strategies worked and which ones didn't. Getting customers was like grasping at straws. He tried every approach from pouring money into Yellow Pages ads to making sales calls to cold prospects. Gavin had no idea about which hot buttons he needed to push to get a suspect excited about his offer to make a sale effortlessly.

That's when Gavin happened to attend the Ultimate Business Building Bootcamp presented by Dr Marc Dussault. The Exponential Growth Strategies that Marc unleashed were an exciting revelation and offered Gavin a way out of the hole he had dug himself into.

Realising that his next best step was to enroll in the Business Mastery Platinum Program, Gavin took the plunge taking comfort from the RESULTS BASED GUARANTEE offered.

This was the beginning of a total business transformation. Using his ingenuity, Gavin applied the Exponential Growth Strategies that Marc taught to skyrocket the growth of his business.

In just 10 months Gavin was able to:

  • Increase the size of his client base two and a half times
  • Employ two full-time staff to assist him managing his increasing sales and reduce his workload
  • Switch from advertising in the Yellow Pages to advertising on the internet for a 500% increase in Return On Investment
  • Develop the skills and confidence to secure a sale every time he walks into a prospect's office

AGB Solutions Pty Ltd, the company that Gavin founded has been rebranded to the Gourmet Guardian and is now run like a well oiled machine. Gavin goes on to describe how he uses Management by Metrics and the Marc's Marketing Milestone Matrix to track the growth in his business. He also skillfully applies offline and online strategies to create the Internet Double Whammy.

Besides his business success Gavin has seen a transformation in his personal life. He spends more time with his family, has kicked his caffeine addiction, exercises regularly and has never felt healthier.

For Gavin, it all started with a chance encounter with Dr Marc Dussault and a desire to succeed that started by TAKING ACTION.

It's now your turn. It is often said that "When the student is ready, the master will appear."

Are you ready to take on the challenge and soar to even greater heights?

The path to success lies before you. You've faced challenges in your business just like everyone else. Of course there will be challenges in the future …only this time Exponential Growth Strategies can help to guide you through the most difficult challenges. Challenges that you will look forward to, not turn away from out of fear.

Take action right now. Download these FREE Case Studies and read all about Gavin's success story.

You never know! The next success story could be your own!!


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