Business Mastery Diamond ProgramWhat is the Exponential Programs Business Mastery Diamond Program?

The Exponential Programs Business Mastery Diamond Program is an extension of the Exponential Programs Business Mastery Platinum Program but with an Exponential Twist.

This elite, by-invitation-only program has been specifically designed for elite Business owner-operators and entrepreneurs who are looking to BUY A GUARANTEED NON-STOP CONTINUOUS STREAM OF PROSPECTS THAT IS FREE for their business.

GuaranteeYou read correctly – BUY A GUARANTEED NON-STOP CONTINUOUS STREAM OF PROSPECTS THAT IS FREE. It gets better. If you are keen and proactive, the stream of prospects can actually start to pay you an on-going passive income stream within 12 months…

Yes – this is for real – just look at the Internet Mastery Diamond Program description and you’ll understand that we have the knowledge and strategies to GUARANTEE this IN WRITING.

The specifics are simple and straight-forward:

  • You pay $49,995 for the Business Mastery Diamond Program Investment, up-front with NO PAYMENT PLAN provision. This is a full-on commitment with iron-clad guarantees. If you don’t have the funds, this is NOT for you.
  • You put aside a $50,000 budget to PURCHASE a portfolio of websites that create a MINIMUM of $2,500/month of PASSIVE INCOME to pay to CREATE YOUR NON-STOP CONTINUOUS STREAM OF PROSPECTS – which means YOU GET THEM FOR FREE.
  • Big Idea!As a Business Mastery Diamond Program Member you will join the Business Mastery Platinum Program (IMPP) and you will, over the duration of the 12-month program, become the benefactor as we increase the $2,500/month PASSIVE INCOME to as much as $8,500/month or $100,000/year- that additional income goes straight into your pocket!
  • As a Busines Mastery Diamond Member, you will have privileged access to Dr Marc Dussault and his high-powered team of Internet Gurus and Experts.
  • You will be invited to Diamond Day events that are uniquely focused on making sure Diamond Members KEEP growing their businesses and their stream of prospects. I am sure you’ve realised that this will become one of your most valuable corporate assets… Increasing your business’ value substantially as well as RECESSION-PROOFING it.
  • We will vet, research and ensure that the due diligence process is carried out in full BEFORE you purchase ANY site for your portfolio. These will be laser-focused on the QUALIFIED LEADS you want in your business. If you wish to develop alternative revenue sources, that is something we can accommodate as well on a case-by-case basis. (e.g. some Members are in effort-based professions on a pay-per-hour basis and wish to leverage their time and expertise via a value-based model that can scale.)
  • We will assist, mentor and guide you through the negotiation and purchasing process to ensure you pay the lowest price possible and ensure safe transition of your virtual assets onto your server(s). We will also ensure that the LEADS GENERATED ARE FULLY QUALIFIED AND CONVERT TO SALES at a profitable rate. This means that you must demonstrate a minimum level of business acumen and success before you are admitted to this elite program. There is no point in directing prospects to your business if you are not capable of delivering products and/or services economically..
  • Plus many other features and benefits that we add as the program progresses…

What is included in the Business Mastery Diamond Program?

Everything that is included in the Business Mastery Platinum Program.

Who should consider this BUSINESS ACCELERATION and WEALTH CREATION opportunity?

If you are looking for a source of non-stop and continuous prospects that are fully qualified, with credit card in hard WILLING and ABLE TO BUY FROM YOU, consider this – how much would you have pay to create that outcome?

$100,000/year in market costs? $150,000?

Then you would have to start all over again the next year and the year after that.

Wow!This is an ASSET, a MACHINE that keeps pumping out prospects ONE AFTER THE OTHER as long as you want, FOR FREE. At some point, this machine will start to PAY YOU as it continues to produce prospect after prospect… on auto-pilot.

This program caters to the ‘top end of town’ that understands the power of exponential leverage. Creating a NON-STOP CONTINUOUS STREAM OF PROSPECTS THAT ARE FULLY QUALIFIED AND CONVERT TO PAYING CLIENTS is what this all about.

There are a multitude of additional benefits and features that can be discussed, but the nature of this program is that you ‘know’ this is for you with just what I’ve written.

If you know this is for you, click here and apply for Membership to Australia’s most exclusive and lucrative club.

If you’re wondering if you can invest using your Self-Managed Super Annuation Fund, the simple answer is yes. You need to get tax advice from a qualified tax agent, but yes you can –this is an eligible asset class for investment and since there is no debt associated with the investment, there are no gearing issues. How you separate your corporate entity from this Digital/Internet Asset is a question for your financial advisor – but don’t let this hold you back. You have to be admitted into the program before this becomes an issue. We’ll assist you in structuring your affairs appropriately.

Appreciating AssetThis program is strictly limited to the available inventory of eligible virtual properties that can FEED YOUR NON-STOP CONTINUOUS STREAM OF PROSPECTS.

The market for digital assets is expanding quite quickly. A year ago the prices were 10 times monthly earnings, this year it’s 15 to 20. By next year, we expect it to increase to 20 to 25, maybe even 30. That means that by getting in now, you are building an APPRECIATING ASSET with increasing value – truly leveraging and compounding your wealth exponentially. Plus the cost of entry is ‘low’. It will only get more expensive to do this in the future.

If this excites you and you can (1) afford the up-front investment and (2) are committed and disciplined to have create an appreciating asset that will further increase your business’ valuation, apply now for this most elite membership.

PLEASE NOTE: This program requires that your business already be profitable and solid. This is not a program designed to resuscitate a sick or dying patient. The Business Mastery Diamond Program is the most elite and restricted program in Australia for the over-achiever who wants MORE but wants to cut to the chase and use an exponential short-cut without cutting corners.

This is for the cream of the crop, the next BRW Fast 100 contenders, successful family businesses and/or professional practitioners who are sick and tired of wasting their time soliciting business when their highest and best use is doing what they do best… Treating patients, filing tax papers, settling a case out of court, coaching or consulting with clients or selling products and services in a retail establishment.

The confidential admission process begins with a $297 non-refundable assessment fee to be considered for admission to the program. If you need more information and can’t part with $297 – this program is NOT for you.

If you are interested in Australia’s most exclusive Internet coaching, mentoring and development program, click here to get on the short list – there currently is a two-month waiting list for admissions. Yes, that’s right. A two-month WAITING LIST.

Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault's Signature

Dr Marc Dussault

P.S. Due to the exclusive nature of this program, we do not take direct calls without payment of the assessment fee.

One of the self-selection criteria we establish up-front is whether or not you are willing to follow agreed protocol and processes. This admission process is one of them. If you have any doubts about the $297 fee – this is NOT FOR YOU.

This is only for the most elite, committed entrepreneurs who KNOW THIS STUFF WORKS and want to step up and claim this unique and exclusive privilege.