The 2010 Winter Olympics Are Taking Place In Beautiful Vancouver, Canada…

"Discover How To Grow Your Business Like
An Olympic Champion By Modeling The
Exact Same Success Strategies That Separate
Super-Performers From The Rest Of The Pack"

NOTE: This One-Time-Only Offer Expires
When The Olympics End On February 28

Dear Business Champion,

Ever wonder how super-achievers like tennis players Roger Federer, golfer Tiger Woods, Formula 1 racing legend Michael Schumacher, basketball great Michael Jordan and swimming sensation Ian Thorpe reached the pinnacle of their success?

Was it…

… great genes?
… amazing luck?
… innate talent?

While these things are part of the answer, they will only take you so far. They DO NOT explain how a "Super-Champion" is made...

The Real Secret Of World-Beating Champions

Discover the success strategies that separates a Lance Armstrong... / ...from the rest of the packEvery time I come across a world-class champion I dissect what makes him/her tick and figure out what his/her 'secrets to success' are - the key thoughts, ideas, and thinking patterns he or she uses to create success over and over again.

What most people don’t realise is that hard work alone is not the secret that transforms competitors into champions!

The world’s #1 tennis champion, Roger Federer, keeps winning against other younger and stronger players like Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal.

What makes Federer #1 tennis champion is his MINDSET - he truly has the mindset of a champion. I call that having an Exponential Mindset.

Vancouver OlympicsThe Exponential Mindset is Just As Important in Business as it is in Sport

The Exponential Mindset is just as important in business as it is in the sporting world - and in honour of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, I have combined two of my products, Mindset of A Champion with Squash Lessons for Marketing at a "steal" of a price.

If you want to produce exponential results in your business, career and personal life this year, you need to change your thinking. You need to start thinking more like a world class Olympic champion.

Here are the three components that are included...

Olympic Bundle Component #1:
The Mindset Of A Champion Part 1

Mindset Of A Champion - Part 1

In, Mindset Of A Champion, I reveal the tips, tricks and techniques that catapulted my success from a 38-year old first-time novice to a ‘top 50’ world ranking in Masters Squash in less than 7 years, including:

  • The 4 Keys To Success: How to create any outcome you want and reproduce it over and over again, effortlessly.
  • The 3 Ways To Get To A Destination: How ONE simple decision at the beginning of your training will affect whether or not you’ll ever win a tournament, competition or lose those extra kilos.
  • Your Decision-Making Horizon: How it affects your training regimen, motivation and chances for success. You might be setting yourself up to fail and not even know it.
  • How To Quickly Learn Any New Skill: Regardless of the sport or fitness regimen you’re involved in, there are skills to be learnt. Understanding HOW you learn will help you learn faster, reduce costly mistakes and most importantly avoid injuries.
  • Leveraging a MasterMind Group: All elite athletes have a group of advisors, coaches and mentors, but the trick is to decipher and organise conflicting information that is supposed to help, not confuse you.

Olympic Bundle Component #2:
The Mindset Of A Champion Part 2

Mindset Of A Champion - Part 1

Peak Performance Strategies For the Elite Sports or Business 'Athlete'

  • How To Uncover Your Success Clues: Practicing for the sake of it is not effective if you are a committed athlete. A handful of strategies will be revealed to enable you to 'coach yourself' and/or help others assist you in the quest to improve as quickly as possible.
  • Leveraging What You Don't Know You Know: Every competitive athlete knows what it feels like to be 'in the zone'. This single technique will enable you to recognise what you do whilst in the zone so you can get back into it 'on command'.
  • Competition Preparation: Make sure you absolutely 'peak' at the right time, with the winner's mindset as well as re-create your success combinations and triggers.
  • Tips And Techniques To Recover More Quickly: As we get older, recovery becomes an increasingly important aspect of competition and training. Imagine being able to train twice as long with less soreness, tightness and fewer injuries...
  • Secrets Strategies To Get The Edge: All elite athletes have secret strategies, tricks and tips that give them an edge. I will share some of mine with you as well as give you a template to keep acquiring them on an automated basis.

Olympic Bundle Component #3:
Squash Lessons for Marketing

Squash Lessons for Marketing contains 29 specific examples where I extract key distinctions of success that can transform how you see your role in the business playing field so you can perform at your peak and win the game of business much more decisively and with much less effort.

You'll capture 29 game-winning business-building distinctions including:

Dr Marc Dussault's Squash Lessons for Marketing - A FUN way to learn Marketing! Tips to turn you into a Business Champion.
  • Why most business people read the best books but get few tangible results (focus on hitting the ball versus getting to the ball).
  • Why so many entrepreneurs lose the 'easy sale' over and over again (by tinning the ball instead of developing the rally).
  • Why most entrepreneurs will never win the game of business (not aware of the training regimen required or not willing to do the necessary 'court sprints').
  • Why working harder and exerting a lot of effort can tire you out quicker (and how you can reverse that to strategically wear out your opponent and send them out of business without getting your hands dirty!).
  • Why waiting for the kill shot, kills more business owners than the Spanish Flu (and how developing a rally can get you the winning shot more often)
  • Plus 24 more, each just as disarmingly powerful!

Combining both, Mindset Of A Champion and Squash Lessons For Marketing and you have a dynamite collection of powerful distinctions you can use immediately to catapult you forward in your business, career and personal life.

The Reason Why Many Smart Business
Entrepreneurs Get Stuck In A Rut Is Very Simple...

The reason many smart business entrepreneurs get stuck in a rut is actually quite simple. After spending years in just one industry, they begin to get fixated on and play by only one set of rules. The more invested they get in those rules the harder it becomes to see an alternative.

It's called "mimeticisomorphism". A big word that simply means "Monkey see, monkey do."

In squash, the rules are VERY simple. You have to hit the ball before it bounces twice. It's easier to win any game when you have clear rules, scores and metrics. In business it becomes more daunting since it's a little bit harder to watch yourself WHILE playing the actual game of business…

The Olympic Bundle will help you think
Antimimeticisomorphically - the thinking
that will catapult your business and your life
to championship levels this year!

The Olympic Bundle provides you with a visual point of reference to help you gain clarity, focus and competitive advantage. Like never before. So you can see yourself in a new light.

You don't need to be an athlete or sports enthusiast to get the idea, concept, strategy or tactic. That's the beauty of the use of this simple metaphor.

This unique point of view has been heralded as a source of breakthroughs for countless entrepreneurs who just needed that jolt - that 'Ah-ha!' epiphany that triggers a shift in thinking to get them back on the fast-track to profits.

Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein said it best when he said…

"The thinking that got
us to where we are now,
is NOT the thinking
that will get us to
where we want to be."


And the investment? Why, $20.10 of course! At this price, you can see that this is NOT about lining my pockets. A couple of hundred orders at $20.10 certainly won't make me rich, but it COULD create a fundamental shift in the way you play the game of buisness and life this year. A shift that is worth many hundreds or thousands of times your investment. Enough said.

Just one more point: this is a one-time-only offer that expires when the Olympics end on 28th February. Take action now. The clock is ticking…

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Dr Marc Dussault

Dr Marc Dussault
Australia's #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


The Olympic Bundle combines both The Mindset Of A Champion Parts 1 & 2 and Squash Lessons For Marketing for just $20.10 this is a saving of $73.90 or 79%.

This is my way of celebrating the Olympics with you. But once the Olympics are over, that’s it...

All components of the Olympic Bundle are delivered electronically so you can start putting them into action within the next 2 minutes!

2 minutes, that’s longer than many Olympic events!


Of course you know these products are not just for athletes - the metaphors used and examples described have direct parallels in business or for your career. The Mindset Of A Champion is a derivative, one flavour of an Exponential Mindset. A fun and engaging way to discover new insights, ideas and inspiration without breaking a sweat.

This bundle is not for everyone, after all only a few athletes become Olympians. The same is true in business or wealth creation.

Only a few become independently wealthy.

Only a few have admirable careers.

Only a few build businesses that others want to buy.

Only a few achieve life-work balance to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Only a few contribute back to society in abundance.

Only a few get on the playing field and play full-on in the game of life.

Only a few.

The Olympic Bundle is all about ensuring that YOU are one of the few.