Imagine Getting A Full Hour Of Marc’s
“Stream Of Consciousness” Directed At You…

If you’ve been to any of Dr Marc Dussault’s events or presentations, you’ve seen what happens… If you haven’t been witness to this phenomenon, watch this funny YouTube video that says it all…

Imagine if Marc did this for you and with you, for a FULL HOUR� What would that be like?

When you accept his personal invitation for a “Stream Of Consciousness Session”, you’ll get:

  • A private and confidential one-hour telephone conversation with Marc that you can choose to share with your partner, colleagues and/or collaborators.
  • The full audio recording in MP3 format that you can download to your computer or iPod. Of course you�re free to share it with your team and contractors/suppliers. You�ll want to listen to it several times to pick up all the nuances and variations Marc explores at ‘hyper speed’!
  • The word-for-word, raw and unedited written transcript that sometimes exceeds 70 pages.With it in hand, you’ll be able to quickly and effortlessly cut and paste headlines, introductions, product descriptions, metaphors, stories and countless ideas. He may end up ‘writing’ 2, 3 or 4 complete direct mail pieces and/or e-mails for your next campaigns that just need minor editing. You’d pay thousands of dollars in copywriting fees let alone waste dozens of hours to get to a lesser result.
  • The most valuable benefit you’ll get are the ideas and concepts that you otherwise would never think of, let alone consider. These are yours to deploy at your convenience. Consider them a reservoir full of potential that you can count on and release at any time you want to power the turbines of profit ‘on demand’ whenever you need it most.

Listen to what Barrister Chris Whitelaw had to say about his experience with Marc.

“Marc offered me a slot of one hour to review my new web site I just launched a few days ago and to work on my USP via his “Stream of Consciousness Session”. Without any hesitation I agreed to pay the fee. I knew enough already about Marc to know that he would deliver incredible value. He did not let me down. In fact he exceeded my expectations. He impressed me right off the bat by announcing that he had taken the initiative to invite Daniel Lizurek, my copywriting expert who had worked on the site’s copy, to listen to the call. I had not thought of asking him myself. It made total sense as he knew I would be further engaging Daniel’s services after the call.

Marc was totally prepared for the call. I found out that he had spent a whole hour reviewing my web site prior to the call so that he could deliver me massive value during the call. Boy did he deliver value – massive value! He had reviewed every single page of my website that has dozens of pages and close to 100 pages of content. He was able to tell me what worked and what didn’t page-by-page.

Marc was able to tell me how to make better use of the available page space. He provided constructive criticism concerning the features and content he did not like while providing me with multiple suggestions for improvements for every single page. Where he suggested getting rid of or changing certain content he right off the bat gave me his suggested replacement content.

And remember, all of this was being recorded and he promised to deliver the recording within 24 hours and a word-by-word transcript within the week! Talk about covering all the bases! This makes it easy for me to just send a copy of his whole review over to my web master at Shivam Technology Solutions and saves me heaps of time. It also saved me from having to try to take notes during the session and give my whole attention to what he was saying – and you know how fast he talks when he gets excited!

I paid for an hour’s time with Marc. He gave me almost a full half hour extra for no extra charge. He walks his talk and always delivers value well beyond the price he puts on it.

What is this worth to me? Heaps. My next step will be to discuss the content of the session with my core IT team and work out our agenda for implementing the many changes that will now take place on the website. These changes will ensure that both traffic to the site increase and that revenues are earned from that traffic. This small investment will completely pay for itself within weeks in costs savings and improvements.

In this website’s first year of operation the things learnt during this one-hour session will ensure we get off to a much stronger start than might otherwise have been the case.

This was money very well spent. I am extremely grateful that Marc offered me this opportunity. If you are considering it, don’t hesitate and do it – you’ll be glad you did. If you have any doubts, call me and I’ll take you through the experience.”

Chris Whitelaw
Barrister, Lawyer and Internet Entrepreneur

Wonder what can be achieved in just one hour
and what this could mean to you?

Below are just some of the Platinum Member Breakthroughs achieved as a result of the Hour Of Power Consultations with me�

  • One Member now knows that he/she can afford to offer his/her core service for FREE when BUNDLED with another revenue generating solution/service. That will automatically attract MORE clients than he/she can handle AND catapult cash flow sky-high within weeks and create an income stream in excess of $500,000/year.
  • Someone figured out that he/she has special expertise that can be sold to BOTH sides of a situation DOUBLING the value created and increasing the potential revenue to a whopping $250,000 in 12 months, working less than 100 days in the entire year! It gets better - THIS expertise can be leveraged in more than a dozen of similar situations IN OTHER INDUSTRIES which means his/her annual potential income is practically UNLIMITED.

  • A little more down to earth, another Platinum Entrepreneur now has 3 projects that can EACH double his/her income in the next 6 to 9 months by working 20 to 30 hours less per week. If you've done the maths, that means he/she can QUADRUPLE income by working the SAME number of hours. Ka-Ching! PLUS there is a licensing opportunity that can take him/her from an effort-based business to a value-based model. Fuelled by the Internet Mastery Platinum Program strategies, the licensing revenue could surpass his/her total CURRENT income... Do you think that is compelling enough to STEP UP?!?!
  • Another member can generate $500,000 to $1 Million of up-front cash flow (investment) to establish a global business model that ensures FREE employees for 12 months with an irresistible reward and risk reversal strategy that can be leveraged on the Internet within DAYS.
  • A fifth member realised that he/she just needs to speak non-technical English to capture clients' imagination AND might even deploy a proof of concept to Platinum Members AT Advanced Business Mastery... That alone could put $100,000 in his/her pocket within the year IF he/she learns to speak in non-IT English, leveraging resources available WITHIN the Platinum Program.
  • A sixth member has uncovered the ONE key constraint to double or triple their business faster than they can handle. They'll go from not enough hours in the day to get the work done to - having TOO many people wanting to help them get it done. With a full-blown SYSTEM to plug people into - the ONLY limit is their imagination! (I even came across 3 people THIS week who would jump at the opportunity - funny how that happens!)
  • Not to be outdone, a seventh member now has at least 4 strategies that can be IMMEDIATELY put into action to finally put the walk into the talk about his/her next phase of growth. This new phase is SO valuable, he/she will probably give away a $1 Million/year revenue stream to someone else to focus on this next phase... It's THAT good. Can you imagine giving up that kind of revenue because you have something better to do?!?!
  • Last, but not least, another Platinum Member is shifting his/her mindset to craft and create a business (model) for each one of his children. How friggin' cool is that?!?!? Matching each child's personality with a career/business/model that will enable the child to grow, expand and fully develop their most natural talent WITHOUT the burden of carrying on the family business... Now that juices me!

Are you ready to unleash the
Exponential Entrepreneur within you?

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“A week ago I was at the brink of packing my company in and losing all the time and money I have invested over the last 2 years! I felt I was not on PURPOSE and had forgotten why I started the business in the 1st place. I was overwhelmed and working tirelessly IN the business I was not able to see the forest for the trees! After emailing Marc with my decision he set up a 1 hour call with me on my business. That mere 1 hour with Marc has flipped my life around -  CLARITY now abounds! Marc managed to get me back to my original big picture and get focussed on my outcomes! We have 4 untapped sources of revenue that I have just been “too busy” to generate! Marc painted me a Mindmap of what my Next Best Steps need to be and how to achieve them – the 1st of which was to hire a sales person to get me OFF the phone 24/7 and ON the revenue raisers!

This part will sound crazy... I ended up creating a vision board post our conversation... That night I received an email from a highly qualified sales specialist looking for a position in our business (and it turns out she lives 2 streets away from me) and I sold 4 properties and 5 investment properties that week – not bad for 3.5 days work! I put all the properties I wanted to sell on the board with SOLD stickers over them and what do you know - talk about putting it out to the universe!

Marc – thank you so much for your time and smarts! I am thrilled to be on your program and have learnt more information about my own business in the last 3 months than I have in almost 3 years! Now, instead of losing all that I have worked for, I can implement new strategies to build my business into  $100,000 pa in relatively passive income!”

Milly Brigden
Real Estate Enthusiast