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Gavin Buckett “I launched my first ($300) Google Adword Campaign with a make-shift website to be blown away with $17,000 of cash sales within the first 60 days. I've since doubled my database and expect to double my sales THIS financial year.”
Gavin Buckett
Founder and Managing Director, A.G.B Solutions


“I added $5,000 to $6,000/month in sales and $120,0000 of value to my business in 6 months. I never would have thought it was possible - until I learnt all the little things that make a BIG difference”
Angela Muzyczka


“I sold a full blown $30,000 accounting system over the internet to a client I never met, cutting my sales cycle in half. As Marc says... Ka-Ching!”
Mark Buhagiar
Austlink Services


Neville Goncalves “We’ve increased sales 40% WHILE saving $2,800 in wasteful advertising in 3 months. It’s taken us a while to learn that you can achieve MORE by DOING less. We’re getting it now and loving it!”
Neville Goncalves
Co-founder, Amazon Power


Will Swayne “Within 1 month of attending the Bootcamp, my team implemented a few simple changes that have allowed us to raise our prices by an average of 30% and convert two cost centres - support and sales - into revenue centres.”
Will Swayne
Founder and Managing Director,


“Within days of the Bootcamp I wrote a sales letter and emailed it to 32 of our Point of Sale system clients. We have had 3 respond ordering PRE-paid POS system support for a total of $9,000 in two days”
David M.


Belinda Cohen“I launched my business and in the first month made a measly $1,000. Nine months later, I'm bringing in $20,000/month. As a personal coach that's unheard of. What can I say, when you apply it, this stuff works!”
Belinda Cohen
Founder and Managing Director,
Inspired Reality Personal Coaching


“On the first night of Bootcamp I decided to test 2 headlines on Google Adwords. After only 7 hours I achieved a 275% improvement over previous campaigns!”
David Waden


Testimonials Booklet"I recommend this event to anyone who is: looking for valuable ideas/strategies that can be immediately implemented to turbo-charge their business bottom line; wants information on creating multiple streams of income; wants to network with like-minded people; and definitely for anyone stuck in the day-to-day grind and in need of some powerful inspiration!"

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“I was so inspired after one of your functions. That I walked out the door and made a commitment to change people's lives. Shortly there will be 30 orphaned children from India enjoying a once in a lifetime holiday on the Gold Coast! We are making history in India this has never been done before. WOW!I now know what self belief can do! Marc, keep up your remarkable work!”
Cheryl Spicer

Ray Keefe"Our business, Successful Endeavours, now has 13 awards for either technical excellence, business performance or personally entrepreneurship. Only 2 of these predate our involvement with the Platinum Program and we didn't apply for either of them, our clients did. There are 3 reasons for this change:

  • Up until joining the Platinum Program I never had the confidence to apply for anything. I saw myself as a very good engineer but I didn't really appreciate how outstanding the work I do really is or how valuable it is to our clients. I also didn't really believe we would win anything or be recognised that way, and I didn't understand the difference it would make.
  • In Australia we tend to regard people who promote themselves rather dimly and so I always wanted to avoid that. What I didn't understand is that I was robbing my prospects of the opportunity to work with us and get the profits they deserved by having world class electronics designs for their new products. Once I understood that the promotion, positioning and awards were really for our clients and prospects to have the confidence they needed to buy from us the services that they needed for them to be successful, then that was a different matter. I don't mind doing that.
  • Up until the changes we made at Successful Endeavours as a result of being in the Platinum Program, we weren't operating at a business level that would have won a business award. Yet within 2 years of joining the program we won Business of the Year for our local region of Melbourne. How did that happen! In less time than it takes to actually do an MBA we transformed our business from a home based operation that just paid its way into a real commercial enterprise that is recognised as best in class locally.

So it is the combination of changes in my personal view of myself; my understanding of the importance of branding and promotion; and real changes made to our business operation that has caused this. Every one of those finds its root in our involvement in the Platinum Program.  We could not have gotten to this point with it.

So thank Marc, Monica and Nicole. You have changed our lives."

Ray Keefe
Managing Director
Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd