5 MORE Ways To Increase Your Internet Sales

In my previous post “5 Ways To Increase Your Internet Sales” I started a list that I thought might be worth continuing… That is if you’re still committed to the 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine which is all about doing the LITTLE THINGS that make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

  1. Figure out Twitter – and start testing one useful Twitter a day
  2. Put up a new blog post – and make sure you use a service like Pingomatic.com to get your blog out to the proper places – I explained this to our Platinum Members recently at Internet Technical Mastery. It’s easy to do within WordPress…
  3. Surprise one of your customers today and do an endorsement of them to your entire database.
  4. Send out a press release or announcement to your local papers about a newsworthy tidbit you can share
  5. Share some good news with those on your database (they are sick and tired of bad news … it’s everywhere!)

If you have other ideas, please add them as a comment right here and make sure you include your URL so that a backlink is created back to your website or blog. The BETTER the suggestions, the MORE people will click through to your site…!

But then again you knew that – if not, you’re a prime candidate for our Internet Mastery Silver Membership!

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  • Hi Marc,

    This is a great post – thanks for all the tips. Today we posted a new blog and for the first time we had a youtube video included in it with Head Coach, Gerard Spriet, introducing the new sign. Each day we learn how to do something new with our internet marketing! Four more of those 1 Percent Improvements and we’ll be rocketing exponentially through the roof!

    Thanks Marc,


  • Hey Marc,

    Why not
    6. Give your customers more than they expected.

    Caylene Vincent

  • Another way to increase internet sales would be to create a “Client Showcase” and post it on You Tube.

    It could be as simple as getting a bunch of pictures or something of value from clients together and putting them into a movie format and then uploading it to You Tube… obviously you would link your website and use the exponential marketing strategies that are in this internet mastery blog to optimise your you tube post.

    Sam Kritsotakis
    Eskae Jeweller


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