A Quick 5-minute Internet Marketing Challenge For You – If you’re up to it!

Go to www.homedeclutterandfun.com it’s one of the site of Marta and Ruben Putrananda have as part of their Portfolio that they are growing as Internet Mastery Platinum Members.

When you go, make sure you Stumble Upon it.

Then, try to identify as many Exponential Marketing Strategies being used and also make a list of as many as you can that they SHOULD be using.

Post your answers as comments to this blog and I’ll respond to ALL comments/submissions personally with A SECRET GIFT.

The challenge is on!

The question is, are you up for it?!

How do you stack up IDENTIFYING Exponential Marketing Strategies?

This will be interesting…

Onward and upward!

When you PARTICIPATE, the Law Of Attraction will come into play…

Give it a go and see what happens!

Go on, take 5 minutes and see what you come up with.

Some people can’t even add a comment to a blog…

Some people never heard of Stumble Upon…

Some people don’t know what an Exponential Internet Strategy is…

But you’re not some people, you’ve been reading this blog for a while now and you’re ready to step up and PARTICIPATE.

I look forward to your reply and will REWARD you with a SECRET GIFT that will make the next 5 minutes PRICELESS for you.

But NOTHING happens if you do NOTHING.

C’mon. 5 minutes…

Don’t have 5 minutes?


Interesting. You want to be an Exponential Internet Entrepreneur but don’t have 5 minutes – what does that tell you?

Want to see ANOTHER Exponential Strategy Marta and Ruben DEPLOYED?!?!?

Go to my homepage www.MarcDussault.com and look at the bottom right-hand corner. You’ll see Audio testimonials… That’s Exponential. It took Marta less than 5 minutes to do.

Go on, take 5 minutes now and see how long your list is – be sure to specify HOW each strategy was used!

3 Responses to “A Quick 5-minute Internet Marketing Challenge For You – If you’re up to it!”

  • The site did not load up properly in my browser – everything was squewed down the page… however I did get to see some great strategies in action. I couldn’t see the heading but when I did click the product you were selling it went to a loooong sales letter (strategy 1) with heaps of testimonials (strategy 2) a prompt to sign up for a 5 series report (strategy 3) and then when I looked at ordering the product it gave me an upsell (strategy 4). I was looking for the price of the product and could not see that until I actually got to the payment page – so if this is the case, I would suggest putting the price up front. I mean if the product is as good as all your claims then there is no need to hide the price. Well done Marta and Ruban and I wish you well in sales. Clare

  • Hi Marc,
    I have had a look at the website and made it a five minute exercise as asked (Just to see what I could find in a controlled amount of time).
    Internet marketing Strategies:
    – Self select
    – Blog with comment (can subscribe RSS)
    – Lot’s of Opt ins
    – Killer headlines
    – Keywords in URL
    – Key words in headline
    – Key words in home page text
    – Asking others to contribute their content
    – Value adding
    – Risk reversal
    – Attention grabbing graphics (arrow to subscribe and CD cover)
    – Easy to navigate
    – Opt out
    – Up sell
    – Links to Stumpled upon, delicious etc.

    However I also found the following problems/ recomendations:
    – No USP
    – There are no names in the “about us” despite it being written like a letter (Hi…, we etc.)
    – The word “subscribe” on the subscribe button
    – The subscribe function would not let me subscribe, despite multiple Opt In requests. An error message came up telling me that I wasn’t a customer.
    – Not all of the links at the top worked
    – Laundry spelt incorrectly (menu on LHS)
    – “Recomended sites” are thet competition? No titles telling you who they are (especially the ones whose URL do not explain what they do)
    – In “featured products” the free item was listed above the one they wanted you to buy??? This page was also difficult read (it was clutterd!!). All products flowed into one

    Hope this helps,

    Eat well. Eat safe!


    p.s 1. Maybe I can place a link on my page to the “declutter kitchen page” once I establish my materials for home/ domestic use as well. Are they interested??

    p.s. 2. This screen is very small and difficult for me to read. Hopefully I haven’t made too many spelling mistakes myself. No spell check

  • Most of what I add will only be a repeat of Gavin’s post as he has covered this very thoroughly.

    home page doesn’t load fully as there was no text to the home page

    keywords in banner and url

    rss feed link prominent

    del.icio.us digg this stumble … links easily accessed

    I found newsletter sign up annoying – would prefer static images

    About us page gives no info or names about you – just more site info

    Blog page not set up – needs admin photo or a cartoon version – i can send you the link for a cartoon site if you are interested

    need more space between each of the featured products as well as graphics or photos and prices if applicable

    article “clean a stinky bathroom’ needs to be re-written as it has some relevant info but I only clicked the link because of the exercise

    many articles have excellent info

    opt in positioned prominently and consistently throughout site

    “contribute your content” prominently displayed – although I did not click through to see if it worked

    no video content (quick search on youtube and I found a fabulous series from one person who was not selling anything but kept referring to products which you would then be able to create affiliate links once you found those or other similar products) (I kept the details for this if you are interested)

    boxes throughout site with “picture not available” could be due to site not loading fully or due to no photos – either way I found it annoying.

    I am off to stumble it now.


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