Book Box Company – great explanation video

The true power of the Internet is its ability to reduce the cost of communicating with your suspects and prospects.

The video below, by the Book Box Company is the perfect explanation of what they do, how they do it and why it’s important to the final (finished) product.

There is no doubt that once you’ve seen the short video (less than 4 minutes), you know everything you need to know.

There is also no doubt that sales will increase as a result of the video – because we can appreciate the time, care, effort and thought that has gone into the process – especially all the recycling!

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  • What a great post highlighting the importance of educating your clients and prospects about what makes you different, special and unique. Who would have thought that creating book boxes can be so time consuming… your clients are unlikely to appreciate what makes you different/unique unless you educate them and KEEP educating them. Daniel Lizurek – Internet Copywriter

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