Browsers Need Motivation

This is just plain silly… But I had to share it with you because often, we are just too damn serious. Enjoy!
browser cheer

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  • Microsoft certainly were slow to address that changing landscape of the Internet.

    But this is also a problem you have to be careful of regardless of the industry you are operating in. In the Industrial Electronics realm products tend to have much longer lifetimes compared to consumer electronics. And in general infrastructure electronics products must be longer lived because swap out costs are high.

    But there comes a time in every products life when the newer version has to be ready to take over from the older version. Traditionally you could get 10 years out of a platform product in Industrial Controls but it is now reducing and the sooner your new offering is ready, the sooner you can start taking market share off your competition.

    And especially if they are slow to even see the need to respond.

    Internet Explorer might still be the most widely deployed browser, but Chrome now has the majority of the website browsing traffic.

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