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Every once in a while I come across something that stands out. Today’s post is an example of a subtle question (13b) that puts the previous question into context. It’s the BEST SURVEY QUESTION I have read in several years. Leave it to Apple to do it – they know the value of feedback. They also understand and respect the CONTEXT and INTENT in which it’s given.

From AppleSurvey Example - Exponential Programs

When I meet with my clients, I go into substantially more detail than just highlighting something like this. There are two psychological constructs in play here that were outlined in substantial detail in two recent books I read. Books you would not come across in your airport or local bookstore.

This is what I do as The Exponential Growth Strategist – I seek out distinctions, nuances and explanations so my clients can tailor outstanding examples like this one in their businesses and/or careers. If you’d like to be coached or mentored and access this level of expertise, contact me. If you qualify, we’d love to have you in our RESULTS GUARANTEED Platinum Program.

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  • Oz Cakes Peter Wilson

    Apple Mac have a lot of distinctions to take note of. The more you read about them on their site the more you see…
    Great enterprise.. I really like their approach!

  • Dealing with Apple is unique on many levels, they are not afraid to be different and step out side the conventional box. I am often surprised and inspired with what they come up with. I’m off do do my 1% today and modify my feedback form!

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