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Japanese Earthquake Radiation: Lessons We Can Learn

Earlier this week, I blogged about how Vaseline and radioactivity are related to make a point – well actually, to illustrate how William Tucker has been able to reduce the fear mongering propaganda of the mass media to simple, easy-to-understand metaphors and analogies that any 5th grader can understand.

Mt Tucker recently added another article to his on-going explanation regarding Infant formula made from Tokyo tap water.

His brilliance is simplifying the otherwise complex into something easy for the layperson to grasp.

One of the key strategies that I will be teaching our elite VIP and Platinum Members this weekend is how to do this systematically.

How to leverage tools like the one below that Mr Tucker shared with us in one of his recent articles.

Every business has hidden assets like this – the key is to know how to use them effectively within an automated approach.

We’ll miss you this weekend.

Japanese Earthquake - Radiation Dose Chart

Psst! If you’d like to give your business results a non-radioactive boost, contact us to discuss our business coaching options and we’ll have a chat about how we can GUARANTEE RESULTS in writing…


Internet Use On Vacation

I just blogged about Internet use on vacation on my Professional Mastery Blog – you should go there now and check it out. It’s something to consider, but it’s not what you think.


Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp Day 1 Of 3

It’s unfortunate you’re not in the room with me at the Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp with other Australian entrepreneurs who are going to learn the most cost effective online strategies to get more traffic to their websites and/or blogs. We’re at the Marriott Hotel and right now I am about to reveal where the fish are and how to get them to jump into their boat, using the powerful metaphor in this video…

I’ve been telling people all year that I am leaving the “Internet Marketing” space – that has been overrun by shameless spruikers at multi-speaker sales fest events…

I am not abandoning the Internet – quite the contrary. I am using more and more strategies and teaching my client stealth marketing strategies that enable them to out-perform their competitors without them ever having a clue why.

Imagine getting on page 1 of Google, being at the top of local listings, getting better leads that convert to sales more quickly… Imagine if those strategies were mostly free or cost pennies on the dollar… That’s what you’re missing by not being at the Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp.

Unfortunately, all I can offer you today is one of the more than 100 suggestions I am revealing to bootcamp participants. It’s an inexpensive strategy that you can implement right now and get a result by the time the Bootcamp ends in 2 days from now.

Click here -> to get more traffic to your blog. Select the PREMIUM listing – there will be a surge of requests following the Bootcamp and the premium listing comes with additional ‘secret’ benefits… You’ll have to get it to know what it is!


Google Goggles

This video speaks for itself – it’s very entertaining and demonstrates how to make information fun to learn.

Additional applications of augmented reality are quite fascinating.


I hope you’re wearing clean underwear*

If you don’t know how Google has changed the rules of online search and what it means to your online presence and sales – you’re about to get caught with your pants down.

If you’ve been happy with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you’re potentially in for a rude shock with Google’s new updates, enhancements and so-called ‘improvements’.

They can and will displace a lot of people who will be caught totally unaware “with their pants down”…

For example, do you know how…

  • Google Instant is radically altering the composition of search phrases?
  • Google Places can reward the mom and pop shop around the corner to your detriment especially if you’ve been the dominant advertiser?
  • Google Maps is creating havoc in listing result real estate positions relegating previously profitable listings to the scrap heap?
  • The new Google Website Preview function in search listings might cost you sales that used to come in like clockwork?
  • The Google search algorithm is dramatically changing the landscape for all players, no one is safe with a business-as-usual approach.

If you don’t know these changes are taking place – I hope you’re wearing clean underwear!

If you do know a little about what’s being changed but are not quite sure what to do about it, then you must attend the

Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp Preview
on NEXT Monday evening 6-9 PM in Sydney
or Tuesday evening 6-9 PM in Melbourne.

Exponential Programs - Wealth Creation Event Banner

Click on the banner above to secure your seat now.

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Catch the next wave!

As a business coach, I mentor my clients to develop what is called “deep knowledge”. In this day and age of information overload, it’s important to go beyond the superficial. That is easier said than done, which is why most people (1) don’t have a clue what I’m talking about and (2) if they do, they don’t do anything about it.

The video below is one of the many examples of tools I use for my most elite clients, my Platinum Program Members. I give them specific instructions to follow to expand their awareness and understand of what is going on in the world and how to adapt to it to remain one step ahead of their competition and more importantly, their clients’ expectations. Enjoy the video and do the best you can. If you would like me to coach, advise or mentor you, contact me. I’d be happy to expand your sphere of influence and introduce you Boundless Opportunity Thinking™ that will Unleash The Exponential Potential™ that is right there in front of you, under your nose, ready to be leveraged to your benefit and advantage.


First Technical Support Call

Today’s post will become a classic because it’s so relevant for anyone who is in technical support or has to deal with customer service requests. It’s a contribution from Daniel Pinter of B Technologies. There are so many lessons that we all can learn from… Of course AFTER we stop laughing (at ourselves)!


Gmail Spam

If you hate Gmail spam as much as I do, you can click on the hyperlink to report it. I am not sure how diligent Google is about reducing spam, but if everyone who got spammed took the time to report it, we might actually find a way to reduce it.

Anyway, everyone hates spam and this is my 1% improvement to help reduce it.

Something tells me if Google spent as much time on this as they do with their complex Google Adwords rules engine, they’d rid the world of spam within the next 3 or 4 weeks!



Phishing” (also known as “carding” or “spoofing”) refers to email that attempts to fraudulently acquire personal information from you, such as your account password or credit card information. On the surface, the email may appear to be from a legitimate company or individual, but it’s not. I came across this particular explanation of phishing that I thought was helpful and valuable enough to share with you.

There are so many people I know who don’t take necessary precautions to protect themselves – for example they don’t shred their personal documents. They just throw them in the trash… this is ESPECIALLY dangerous with apartment buildings. Let’s face it – if YOU were trying to steal people’s identities would you go through the trash to steal ONE person’s or 100, 200 or even 300 all in one go? Sure the pile would be BIGGER with 100, 200, 300, but so will be the payoff!

I am not a paranoid person, just cautious – on the Internet it’s just so much easier for people continents away to be malicious.


Something’s happening…

As you might have noticed, my blogs have been quiet this month… Something’s going on… but what exactly? If you attended the Exponential Extravaganza events in Brisbane and Melbourne, you kind of know what’s going on… If you’re based in Sydney you can find out THIS Saturday 26 June… by clicking here -> Exponential Extravaganza.

But what other BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS might there be?!?!

You’ll just have to wait and see!


Stop Feeding The Piranhas! Part Two

I previously blogged about this, I called it Stop Feeding The Piranhas… It’s one of my Internet pet peeves. Always use the Bcc when SENDING or FORWARDING to a group of people to protect the email identity and integrity of others. When someone does it to me too often. I take them off my list and literally won’t send them anything. This is a great image to insert whenever you’re forwarding on fun stuff that we all love to get…

Stop Feeding The Piranhas!

Stop Feeding The Piranhas!


Small Sounds, Big Deals: How Do Number Sounds Influence Consumers?

Small Sounds, Big Deals: How Do Number Sounds Influence Consumers? This article was so interesting I just had to share it with you. Instead of interpreting it for you, go to the original article by clicking the hyperlink – it’s brief and exceptionally well written! You’re welcome. It’s who I am and what I do… Find stuff that you otherwise wouldn’t find yourself!


Social Media Ripples

This is such a cool and powerful concept I keep it for my clients. Sorry. I can’t give you everything for FREE, after all that wouldn’t be fair to my clients. Stuff like this, when you really understand what it means is the difference between drowning in the tsunami of leads going to your competitors versus riding the wave of success all the way into success beach.

Social Media Ripple Effect Explained

Social Media Ripple Effect Explained

A blog like this is a great, even ideal way to INTRODUCE concepts and whet your appetite… If you want to know about stuff no one else will tell you and cut through the C _ _ P that the Internet hype specialists are infamous for – consider our programs and events.

They are geared to every day people who want to get better results – one day at a time, one click at a time. Without having to learn PHP, HTML or other obtuse coding languages.

What we teach is all about getting better results with the least amount of effort and lowest cost. In plain English. Our Internet products and programs start at $27 and $97/month respectively – to meet any budget and level of ambition from newbies to experts. Go to our Internet Mastery site and take a look around – you’ll read testimonials of people just like you who took their Next Best Step and have the results to show for it.

Isn’t it time you took YOUR Next Best Step?


Thank You Says It All

We all know that saying thank you improves customer service… However doing it online sometimes is a little more difficult to do. Recently, Apple ‘thanked me for filling a customer service survey’…

I thought it was such a great way of saying thank you that I wanted to share it with you – to say thank you for reading this blog!

Thank You

Thank You

This is one of my favourite types of strategies – the LITTLE THINGS that make a BIG DIFFERENCE. I am going to incorporate this with all my product thank you pages – if that increases customer service and repeat business by just 1 percent, it means thousands of dollars, but MORE IMPORTANTLY it means happier clients.

That is one of the fundamental principles of Exponential Marketing – ADDING VALUE every step of the way – EVEN after the transaction is complete.

After all a satisfied client can give you a referral and come back to buy something else…


SEO Tip: Linked In Recommendation Checklist

OK, while I have you here – start or keep giving recommendations to people on Linked In. If you haven’t done it yet – SHAME ON YOU!

Start GIVING them to clients so they will reciprocate and give YOU recommendations. Aim to give 1/day or /week when things are quiet. You’ll quickly start to see activity increase! Make sure when you accept the recommendations they give YOU, that the following are done. You’ll want to make these edits when you RESPOND to the Recommendation, not before. Consider it a mini-checklist.

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Internet Freelancer Management Tip

Today’s blog post is a tip that can save you countless hours managing remote contractors via the Internet if you use freelancers via online sources like It’s one of the many tips and techniques I teach my most elite clients at events such as Internet Millionaire Marketing, which by the way is now available as a Home Study DVD Program…

Internet Freelancer Management Tip

Use Google’s new Google Docs functionality to SHARE DOCUMENTS with your freelancers and contractors. Once you’re registered, it’s self evident how it works. I teach my clients how to optimise this incredible tool, but as a blog subscriber I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

If you want to learn how to maximise the use of Internet Marketing Tools and Techniques like these so you can minimise the time you spend trying to make money on the Internet, take a look at our programs and events – I can tell you one thing…

The top 5% of the people who do make money on the Internet do something the others don’t.

First they INVEST in themselves realising that a  $27, $47 or $97 investment pays for itself INSTANTLY with 1, 2 or 3 detailed instructions like how to use a Google Doc and the pitfalls to avoid when dealing with freelancers…

Join the top 5% and start to make more than the other 95% combined who are still struggling and reinforcing the adage that the Internet is the EASIEST thing that is HARD TO DO.

Anything is HARD to do when you don’t have the click-by-click paint-by-numbers instructions… Get them now – and acquire Internet Mastery!


Internet 4-Day Sale Starts Today

Hi, this is a courtesy post to make sure you don’t miss out on this 4-day sale of the SME Entrepreneur Business Building ToolKit. As you well know, having an Internet business is… well… a business. This incredible collection of business building tools is being sold at a one-time-only garage sale for an incredible price that will have them flying out of the storage locker. Get yours now while stocks last.

This is the only blog post I am going to make about this sale because I know you’ll go to the product page right now to check it out!


Fonolo: Internet Business Model

Every once in a while, a company creates a ‘new business model’ worthy of reflection. Fonolo is one such example. Click on the hyperlink to see how they took something everyone hates and created an intriguing new business model. Time will tell if it’s commercially viable and profitable, but as an Internet Exponential Marketing enthusiast, you want to take examples like this and ask yourself:

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Don’t Forget To Tune In To Sydney’s “Money Talks” Radio Show Tomorrow Morning

I’m at it again – I will be on Sydney radio again, don’t forget to tune into Sydney’s 2RRR FM 88.5. The Radio Show is called “Money Talks” hosted by David Haseldine on 2RRR 88.5 FM. The show is broadcast live from 8-9 AM Wednesday 8 July 2009. When you tune in, you’ll to get some exponential ideas on stress free wealth creation ideas. The podcast will be made available after the show on


To FaceBook Or Not FaceBook?

Should I spend time on FaceBook? I get this question a lot. Here’s my answer… Time is our most valuable resource… If you’re having fun, that’s cool. But realise you’re having fun – not achieving your goals by chatting, tweeting and following other peoples’ lives…

What would happen if you invested that much time into your income generation, business-building efforts, can you imagine what you could achieve…?!?!?

But then again life is NOT about just working… REALLY IT’S NOT!

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