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In November, we’re staging the last Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Melbourne. As I explained at my recent Exponential Extravaganza events, I am getting out of the “Internet Marketing” space letting the Internet spruikers and promoters do their thing at their multi-speaker salesfest events. That does not mean I’m abandoning Exponential Internet Marketing strategies, in fact for our Platinum Program Members, we’re even more aggressive with our strategies than ever before. It’s why we can and do GUARANTEE 300% RETURNS.

The Bootcamp includes Pre Program Preparation™ as well as Post Program Planning™ to ensure you get the most out of the event – in fact we even GUARANTEE the results from the Bootcamp if you purchase a VIP Ticket!

The video below explains what the Bootcamp Experience is like.

This year’s Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp Dates
are 26-27-28 November 2010 in Melbourne

Learn Exponential Internet Marketing Strategies that turn clicks into cash 24 hours/day 7 days/week.

Strategies like this YouTube Video that provides Search Engine Optimisation rankings for FREE, within minutes…

Stop losing at the Internet game – 95% of the people on the Internet don’t make money… The champions, the top 5% make more than the other 95% combined…

Wanna be an Internet Champion? Attend the Bootcamp – WE’LL GUARANTEE You’ll Make $30,000 in the next 12 months!

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