Dogs and Computers

Wags Day Out, Paddington Pups, Dogs V ComputersI am an avid dog lover which is why I get along so well with two of my clients: Bree Robbins of Paddington Pups and Cory Andrews of The Dogs Country Club Kennel and Resort in Victoria.

I’m sure they’ll refer to this blog post from their blogs since it’s one of the many Internet Marketing Strategies I covered at the recent Blogging for Business Sales Lead Generation and How To Converts Your Online Browsers To Buyers Workshops – now both available as convenient Webinars.

When Angela Muzyczka sent me this joke, I just had to share it with you, not for SEO reasons, but because it’s funny.

The Difference Between Dogs And Computers

Favorite Food
Dogs: Kibbles
Computers: Bits

Method used to end undesirable behavior
Dogs: Hit with rolled up newspaper
Computers: Hit control-alt-delete

After destruction of personal property
DOGS: Dog not found
COMPUTERS: File not found

Favorite trick
DOGS: Roll over
COMPUTERS: Play dead

Comic page hero
DOGS: Dogbert

Fun way to mess with their heads
DOGS: Peanut butter on roof of mouth
COMPUTERS: Peanut butter in CD-ROM drive

Consequence of virus
DOGS: Replace valuable carpeting
COMPUTERS: Replace valuable data

Widely ignored government mandate
DOGS: Leash law at the park or beach
COMPUTERS: Communications Decency Act

Waste disposal tool
DOGS: Pooper-scooper
COMPUTERS: uninstaller (necessary only on Win-tel machines!)

Method of marking territory
DOGS: Lifting leg
COMPUTERS: “Designed for Windows XP”

Unique behavior
DOGS: Lick and drag
COMPUTERS: click-and-drag

Inexplicable physical feature
DOGS: Dewclaw
COMPUTERS: Scroll lock key

Estimated lifespan
DOGS: 12 years
COMPUTERS: 12 months

At end of useful life
DOGS: Euthanasia
COMPUTERS: Tax deduction

I guess you could say the difference between computers and dogs is bits and bites…!

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