Domain Name Buyers Beware!

I just got caught with a hidden upsell that I thought you’d want to know about – especially if you have a lot of domain names as most of us have…

It’s the FREE private domain registration ‘upsell’ for FREE…

So what’s the catch? When your domains are automatically renewed, they PRIVATE REGISTRATION COSTS are added to the domain registration DOUBLING the COSTS per domain.


If you don’t need the anonymity because you are your website e.g., then this can be a saving of THOUSANDS of dollars per year.

You’re welcome!

Onward and upward!



This is one of the many strategies I cover in my recession-proofing video. For $17, ideas like this pays for itself ten times, no make that 100 times over!

It’s all about getting lean and mean!

2 Responses to “Domain Name Buyers Beware!”

  • This is indeed a wise move. It is a completely unecessary waste of money on our part. I nearly got caught with this “private registration” save for clicking the wrong button! In these economic times, it is important to monitor the budget.

  • Just a quick note – if you do it quickly, you can ask for a REFUND… I just got MORE THAN $1,500 refunded. That is PURE CASH back into my bank account.

    It’s my 1 percent for today!



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