Exponential Technology

As publisher of this Internet Mastery Blog, I am constantly looking out for  ideas, concepts, tools and strategies to inspire, motivate and educate you to leverage the Internet more effectively. I’ve blogged about this Exponential Technology before, but THIS version of the technology is a standalone site that if you didn’t go to the original CNN site during the inauguration, this is worth looking at.

interactive Panoramic View Of Barack Obama’s Inauguration

Click here to view the panoramic view of the event and zoom in on any SINGLE SPECTATOR in the crowd!

The reason I published this blog post is to instil in you BOUNDLESS OPPORTUNITY THINKING – just when you think you;ve seen it all, the constraints are removed by someone with an Exponential Mindset.

You don’t have to USE this technology, just allow your mind to be aware of the possibilities that exist and your circle of influence will expand, effortlessly and magically…

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  • g,day Marc it,s amazing the detail and focus i have a exercise i do my self eg- picture the horizon now picture 50 feet above it now focus on what you see ? unlimited unrestricted stars, planets space? or all there is to see? allso whats between me and you nothing but space nothing but time, whats between me and france space the earth is curved so i cant see it but its thin air thats between us thankyou mate

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