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During my recent Business Blogging For Sales Lead Generation event tour in Adelaide, the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney, participants heard a preview of my rant on Privacy Pirates which I’ve been proselytising about for quite some time. Karen Bonanno, a 2011 Exponential Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Winner, sent me the infographic below that I just had to share with you.

I will expand on this in an upcoming Do It Yourself Google Sales Lead Generation For Small Business series of workshops… But in the meantime have a good read of this infographic. You’ll start to get a sense of where I’m coming from and how I am guiding my clients to avoid being victims of the Privacy Pirates.

Facebook Privacy, Personal Privacy Theft, Identity Theft

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  • Great post Marc! Perhaps we should think twice before we click the ‘LIKE’ button (remember, once you click you can’t unclick!). Not only do I find this infographic informative but, as an advertising copywriter, I also like how the information is presented in a powerful, memorable and impressive way. Daniel Lizurek Australia‚Äôs #1 Copywriting Blog

  • Why would you ever even think about using Facebook, time wasting, dangerous to much information. I am behind the times with technology but with information like this I think twice about it before I start..

  • Both Privacy and Identity theft are big issues today. I must say I do find Facebook useful and it was a great way to see a bit more of what went on in our teenagers lives. And that of course is part of the issue Marc raises. We did that because we care but others can do it for reasons of their own that may not be in our children’s best interests.

    And I agree with Daniel, this style of communicating the information is a lot more powerful than just putting up facts and figures as text.

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