Final Status Update

The video below deals with the inevitable electronic archive that survives us… This is an interesting perspective that makes you think beyond the here and now without being morbid.

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  • Thanks, Marc. This video provides another perspective on the impact of one’s digital footprint. For me, as an educator, I’m always keen on getting this message across to teachers and young people at school.

    The education webinars I offer at are designed to help teachers get up to speed on the integration of technology in classroom programs and the importance of developing skills in digital media literacy. One webinar was about digital citizenship and 5 essential skills that students need — functional skills, communication skills, ‘being safe’ skills, digital literary skills and collaborative skills (the presentation can be viewed in the webinar archives section).

    For our young folk to survive and thrive in a high-tech world they really need to have a strong skill base.

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