Fonolo: Internet Business Model

Every once in a while, a company creates a ‘new business model’ worthy of reflection. Fonolo is one such example. Click on the hyperlink to see how they took something everyone hates and created an intriguing new business model. Time will tell if it’s commercially viable and profitable, but as an Internet Exponential Marketing enthusiast, you want to take examples like this and ask yourself:

What do why clients hate doing that I can replace with something better to give me a competitive advantage?

In our programs and events, I tell the stories of what I did in the printing industry to grow my business 3 times faster, with 2 times the profitability by doing exactly what Fonolo has done for the phone menus.

I created a handful of strategies that transformed something clients hated to do into something fun and engaging that improved client loyalty to the point where competitors weren’t even allowed in the door let alone given the opportunity to place a bid for work.


You should be!

Take a look at the Fonolo website and get inspired – once inspired, you know where to look for our programs and events. Get to the next one and see what happens when you go beyond just reading this blog to actually TAKING ACTION and getting on the playing field where the REAL action is!

I would love to welcome you into my inner circle… Take great insights like this blog post and CONVERT THEM INTO real strategies that produce extra-ordinary results like:

This Exponential Mindset is not for everyone – click on the hyperlink to determine if this might be of interest… Extra-ordinary rewards are there for those willing to think outside the square and do out-of-the-ordinary things.

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