I have to admit that the whole concept of things being free gets out of hand sometimes… I came across this cartoon when I was in San Francisco recently… It sure hits home when you think of all the stuff people download from the Internet and never read or watch. They just automatically download it because it’s free…

I teach my clients to value their time and concepts called “Concentration Of Focus” and the “1 Touch Rule” to make the effective and efficient with their time and resources so they can get 3 times more done in half the time…



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  • Funny I have just been thinking about this my self a lot lately. It is something I have experienced myself, many times I have found myself downloading a free report with all the intentions of reading it…later. The problem is that I never get around to it.

    Since studying many of your concepts Marc I have been adopting the 1 touch rule when it comes to email and it has been working great. I have been telling myself and have slowly been introducing free reports and ebook that I download.

    Thanks for keeping me on track and reminded.


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