Get 10% More Prospects Into Your Database TODAY

Yes, that’s right – I have an exponential strategy to get 10% more suspects and prospects into YOUR database today.

They are already there, you just don’t know it.

That’s right – they are there, but you can’t find them.

When you search for people with e-mails, they’re not there.

When you search for people with mobiles to SMS them, they’re not there.

When you search for people in New South Wales, they’re not there.

But they’re there.

But you can’t find them.


Let me explain.

Chances are your database is not 100% clean and tidy. That means you have data in the wrong places and when you’re searching, you can’t find what you’re looking for.

The solution is for you to do a data cleanse.

I’ve used the services of Birendra Shah – he’s on, his ID is 1029306.

He cleans all our data – based on Australian standards and rules for phone numbers, addresses, etc.

He will make sure that:

  • States are correctly and uniformly identified (NSW instead of N.S.W. or NewSouth Wales or N South Wales, etc.)
  • ALL phone numbers are formatted correctly and additional digits, spaces, parentheses and hyphens are removed.
  • Mobiles are all in the MOBILE column and NOT in the PHONE column – if they are not in the MOBILE column, you can’t do an SMS campaign to them!
  • He’ll make sure that addresses that can be, are completed – for example all postcodes 3000-3999 will have ‘VIC’ added to the STATE field.
  • Duplicate phone numbers are removed.

The net effect of doing this means you will ‘GAIN’ as much as or even MORE than 10% suspects and/or prospects from WITHIN your database.

We recently did exactly this exercise and ‘found’ 600 new mobile numbers, we ‘completed’ more than 800 addresses that we could now send postcards and event invitations to.

This is a priceless improvement that costs as little as $100 for a small database and not more than $500 for a larger one.

Contact Birendra and get it done right away – you’ll be glad you did.

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Of course there are additional benefits to doing this – for example it simplifies the removal of duplicate entries which will save you MULTIPLES of the clean up. It will help you see your information more clearly as you quickly scan reports and e-mail campaigns.

You’ll be able to quickly spot the errors and/or omissions quickly and easily.

You’ll feel more confident about the data you have. That will be reflected in better customer service and satisfaction.

It’s one of the least expensive and easiest things to do that will make an IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE to your results starting TOMORROW when you get your cleaned data back.

Another advantage of doing is that it forces you to focus on your data – exactly where you are – that is how many phone numbers, e-mails and addresses you actually have. It’s called having a datum or benchmark.

In a year from now, you’ll be able to gauge your progress.

We do this on an on-going basis, every time our database increases by 100% or so.

You can also take this opportunity to combine your outlook, Excel spreadsheets and database for the ‘Double Whammy™’…

That is, if you really want to Unleash The Exponential Potential™ within your database!

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