The easiest way to get more clicks is to WRITE your URL more legibly. will out-click will get MORE visitors than

It is even more the case with long URLs like… and

Make sure you use this simple, easy and free technique and watch your click-throughs improve INSTANTLY!

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault


Another technique that can help that you might want to test is to use hyphens…

I know – it’s simple and you might want it to be more complicated. STOP IT!

I’m serious – watch the YouTube video and take the advice seriously – STOP IT!

Stop making your Internet strategies more complicated than they need to be.

“The Internet is the easiest thing that is hard to do.”

That’s only because 95% of the population makes it that way. The 5% who make it simple and easy make MORE than the 95% combined – Ka-Ching!

Think about it – do you want MORE complexity or MORE money in your bank account?

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  • This is a good one and it’s surprising how many people overlook it.

    It is also useful to use Title Case for the headlines and copy within Google Ads.

    Another very worthwhile trick is to test MULTIPLE destination URLs. Your company name does NOT have to be the same as your URL. In general, keyword rich URLS (e.g. and/or URLs that convey a benefit (e.g. get the best results.

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