Getting Inside The Head Of Consumers

There are two main channels of thought, regarding an approach to business. Firstly, you need to a free-thinker. Never be afraid to venture outside the box, challenge existing concepts and be all that is good about entrepreneurship. The second way is to simply stop thinking, start doing. You don’t have to come up with an idea from scratch, just engage with the consumer and they will tell you what you need to do. The latter seems to be really taking off for startups because it’s basically a shoehorn strategy. Why look for a gap in the market, when you can be shown by the very customers that will buy your products and services? With the added threat of user trust and confidence slumping over big tech giants abusing their privacy, it’s more important to listen to the customer than ever before.

A loyalty event

If you have been in business for a few years, you will already have at least a small group of loyal customers. A small business with tens of thousands of customers will probably have a few hundred customers that you can consider loyal. These customers will have bought multiple products as well as downloaded your app, signed up with an account on your website and subscribed to your email newsletter or promotional messages. Contact these customers directly and invite them to an exclusive event. This event will be purely to gauge their opinion on all your current and planned ideas. Speaking face to face and have a rigorous debate among your most loyal customers, is such an incredibly powerful and helpful move for your business. Your marketing team must play the leading role, so they can gather as much information as humanly possible at the event.

A feedback loop

Undertaking a round of studies into consumer needs is a great way to start things off this year. Rather than sitting around in a boardroom, and brainstorming for ideas, just listen to consumers. Start a research study in a bid to find what customers want in the group of products you operate in. But finding the right kind of people that know their way around the industry, is difficult. By utilizing user research software, you can hire knowledgeable consumers. Recruit them via email notification and survey links. The latter are free of charge making it easier to cast the net far and wide. Alternatively, you may order the software company to use their intelligent sourcing engine to find customers with great insights.


More choice the better

Are you one of the millions of businesses trying to find a niche? It’s more difficult to do so if you’re working in a vacuum. It’s better for you to give your customers more choice in your products and services and roll the dice. Eventually, you’ll begin to see a trend in purchases. Perhaps consumers really love your product in a certain design or look. Eventually, you’ll begin to see what customers really want when they are given the choice to customize your products.

It’s never easy trying to get into the consumer’s mind. But having a loyalty event is a fantastic way to absorb ideas from people who operate on the same wavelength.

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