Having fun WORKING on Manly Beach

Americo and Neville, Business Mastery Platinum Members were caught WORKING on Manly Beach recently…

Wouldn’t you like to be WORKING and HAVE FUN like this?

This is an exponential marketing strategy in action. They show how easy it is to eat their nutritional product that contains ACAI… Go to www.AmazonPower.com.au for more information on this amazing product from Brazil.

It’s a FUN way to convey a message. Sure they could have given a play-by-play audio commentary, explaining the benefits of the product so that you could LEARN WHILE watching the video, but the point is that they TOOK ACTION. They filmed it and put it up on the web.

I am sure they will add a comment to this blog to fill you in…

Onward and upward!

Today’s post is all about not getting stuck in the trap of “perfection is the poison of profitability”.

Yes I know this video is not ‘television studio quality’ but y’know what? It doesn’t need to be. It will attract viewers and that’s the whole point. As America and Neville get better and better at this, their business will grow.

If they did NOTHING, NOTHING would happen.

Let them know how cool this idea was by leaving a comment on this blog – I’ll make sure they get it, OR contact them via their website www.AmazonPower.com.au.

You’ll notice that I took the tags from their YouTube video and cut and pasted them here to increase their Search Engine Rankings. How easy was that? I did all of this in about 7 or 8 minutes. I am happy to do this for them WHILE educating and informing you.

It’s win-win-win.

If you come up with great ideas, let me know and I’ll make sure the word gets out. Ka-Ching!

3 Responses to “Having fun WORKING on Manly Beach”

  • Hi Marc.
    I am appreciated that you put our humble you tube video on your blog.

    We worked hard Saturday on 17 may 08. With an exponential mind set, gap manager in place and leveraging my free time Friday evening while between having drinks with some friends I called few people “cast” and manage 5 people to get involved in a fun working day.
    Saturday midday: Myself and Americo met up with “camera man” a friend who turns out to be finishing a cinema course.
    12:00 12:30 WE took some shoots of Americo leaving the water with a surfboard going to have “his” acai.
    Yes we leverage lots of things : 1- free actor 2- He is in good shape so we explore his fitness. 3- He looks Brazilian I mean he his Brazilian. 4- He loves Acai so we knew hw would be natural talking about acai
    5- He is the owner of the company
    6- We knew he wanted to be a good video and he would his best no matter the cost. (it was a freezing day in Shelly Beach.

    12:30 – 1:30Neville picked up the free style soccer guy and take him to Shelly Brach an them at the Corso Manly.
    1:30-2:00 Brazilian girl come to do her gig, just being in her bikinis having some Acai, then Neville “arrives” and start talk about Acai asking her questions.
    Then on Sunday we were at Sydney University promoting and sponsoring the Australian “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association” competition. Again we leverage the time there filming and taking some shoots with my digital camera of Amazon Power banners and logo on the t-shirts plus some fights too.
    Within 2 hours I posted the video on you tube 25 people already watched the video.

    The other videos should be edited and post to you tube very soon.
    In the meantime we posted 10 videos we already had in the past but we never have the guts to put in public. Marc made understand that perfection is the poison of taking action.

    Thanks Marc to swift my mind just 1% the results being 20% more traffic in our website including more people opt in for a particular promotion we have online.

    Thank you Amigo

  • Hi Marc
    just wanted to say “hi” and thanks for the presentation over the weekend. I did enjoy it.
    I’ve had a bit of a squiz at your website/blogsite and found them of interest although i didn’t find the rapid reader to download. I must say I really thought that was just terrific! I am going to copy Paul’s ‘mindmap’ also. I will do that as a special entry on one of my blogs, not sure which one yet.
    I have now signed up to “linked In” and after the weekend, when I have some time I will do some work on my profile.

  • Dr Marc ,

    The Tittle of this blog post can’t be any better . ” Having Fun Working at Manly Beach” Exactly what me and Neville did.
    Sure the first intention was to get something done. But we had fun … We laughed … We interacted with many spectator’s curiosity and we learned a new skill . The first steps in film directing .

    We got the message ” The perfection is the poison of profitability ” So we put together the best we could that day 17th may/2008, but that was not all we could do for Amazon Power . It was just the seed .

    Guess what Amazon Power has today, exactly 3 months after. We contracted a film producer that made a professional 30 sec video clip to be present in the cinemas as Amazon Power sponsors the Brazil Film Festival presented in Sydney from 7th Sept/08 and the film producer has created 6 different 3 to 4 minutes presenting Amazon Power products , recipes and lifestyle to be loaded in YouTube! and posted in Blogs and at http://www.amazonpower.com.au . All professionally recorded and filmed.

    But it was born that day , We were future paced “Having Fun working At Manly” getting into action.

    Do the best you can do, But it is not all you can do !

    Thank you Marc for the Exponential Mindset.

    Lovin` Life ;

    Americo Tognetti

    Amazon Power P/L
    Sales & Marketing Director

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