How To Lose Hundreds Of Prospects INSTANTLY

Recently, I needed to get in touch with someone who decided to change his e-mail because of a deluge of spam. First, he never told me he changed it and second – he changed it and literally increased the chances he would LOSE hundreds or even thousands of prospects INSTANTLY.

How To Lose Hundreds Of Prospects INSTANTLY

Anyone with his old address now gets a bounceback = bad e-mail and ends up in the bottomless pit of ‘things to do that never get done’… database cleanup.

This is a PRIME example of why our clients out-perform and out-sell their competitors.

We teach ALL our clients from Silver, Gold, VIP and Platinum Members how to do deal with this PROPERLY -> Without losing a single prospect or client.

Unfortunately there are some tricks, tips and techniques we keep for our clients [that I don’t share on a FREE ACCESS BLOG] – otherwise why would you join our programs?

This is one of the most blatant marketing mistakes I see on an on-going basis.

It’s analogous to a company placing an ad in the Yellow Pages, receiving a crank phone call and changing phone numbers…!

But for some reason people think that the Internet is different.


People are just as lazy on the Internet. Clients MAY search for your new e-mail, but MOST prospects won’t bother. Even if they do, they won’t be impressed = you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

If you don’t know what to do to solve this problem WITHOUT changing your e-mail – you really need to join our programs. Even if you do have the answer to this marketing problem and you don’t commit this marketing sin, there are countless others you are probably committing without realising that you’re losing way too many prospects and therefore future clients.

Click on the hyperlink to review our Internet Mastery Programs.

They range from $97/month to the results-guaranteed $2,497 Internet Mastery Platinum Program.

Success is not just about doing the right things,

it’s also about NOT doing the wrong things.

If for every right thing you do, you counteract it with a mistake, guess what?

Your sales and profits don’t budge YET you’ve put in TWICE THE EFFORT.


If you do the RIGHT THING and don’t make the mistake, it’s HALF the effort and TWICE the result.

I know you might not have thought of it this way – this is called having an Exponential Mindset. It’s what I teach that unleashes the Exponential Potential that is within your website right now, lying dormant waiting to get out, but won’t unless you allow it to…

When would now be a good time to consider changing your results?

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  • g,day guy,s i,ve had some challenges and overwhelment to deal with 2 steps forward 3 back, phone died,trying to work out new one, 80 e-mails a day most want to put money into my account YEA! RIGHT!IF ONLY IT WERE TRUE!WHAT is a good deal and whats a joke? i need another ME to read my e-mails, i made a mind map of my trip to sydney last week time flys quick thanks again,garry from s,a

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