How To Track Your E-mail Campaigns

Ever wonder if what you’re doing is working? With Google Analytics it’s simple and easy to track visitors to your site, but where did they come from? Why did they take action? What headline worked best? All of these questions can be answered with the following…

Email Tracking Tip

Ideally the links in the emails you send should be tagged with Google Analytics code so you can track where people are coming from. Google Analytics provides a “URL Builder” to make tagging much easier:

Click here to access Google Analytics URL Builder Explanation

Here is an example tagged URL:

What does it all mean?

•    Source: This is the source of the email. You can identify it based on the list you used, partners, events.
•    Medium: This should always be “email” for email blast outs.
•    Campaign: This should be the name of the event, product or offer that you are promoting.
•    Content: If you are split testing subject lines, change the content parameter to differentiate between different versions.

If you ensure that these tagged links are put into EVERY link within the email blasts that you’re sending, you can start reporting on this within Google Analytics.

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